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Posted by QueHoraEs (1734 days ago)
Just started this workout new comment next week.
Posted by SlimLo (1804 days ago)
Awesome workout! Noticed real results in no time.
Thanks for the workout!!!
Posted by tseko (2113 days ago)
Amazing workout. Thanks Terry! It gives me a lot of
Posted by MercS600 (2116 days ago)
I have been doing this workout every week since April.
I haven't felt this good in a long time. I recommend
this to anyone. It works as a great foundation! Thank
you Terry!
Posted by OldRookie123 (2144 days ago)
Thats an excellent workout. If I didnt have the
injuries that I have I would try them. Hopefully I will
in a couple of months. Anyways...awesome workout.
Posted by Apollolauro (2157 days ago)
Great!!!Terry Crews!!!
Posted by FullPlay (2171 days ago)
Posted by Nebraskaman (2199 days ago)
More Terry Crewes!
Posted by Jasmhines (2278 days ago)
24's are the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by xxxseth1 (2446 days ago)
****ing grate i do this 2 a weak now and love it
Posted by catuman (2469 days ago)
hi im new in this group, i saw the video and the
routine, but what do you think? there are only a few
exercises for chest and arms in this routine, do you
know why? i do like 4 or 5 exercises by muscle maybe im
wrong, wrote yout comments, thnks
Posted by bigmike828 (2473 days ago)
I've seen him at the gym. He's so much bigger/ripped in
person. He does train VERY hard. What a motivation!
Posted by Miss Lead (2473 days ago)
so motivating!
Posted by deloachrd (2480 days ago)
I always wanted to know how he is in such great shape.
! will do this workout.
Posted by mhapcioglu (2480 days ago)
I really liked it. I will try to adapt some parts to my
Posted by life771 (2482 days ago)
nice the work out I'll try it.
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Video Information
Terry Crews' 24's Circuit Training Workout For "The Expendables"
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Added: August 10, 2010
Athlete and breakout action star Terry Crews introduces you to an explosive circuit training workout designed for the endurance and conditioning required for his demanding roles in films like The Expendables. While you're here check out his nutrition plan to complement the workout!

Full Article And Workout Here!

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