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Posted by razanbaajlan (1867 days ago)
hello i want lose my belly fat please what can i do ?
Posted by gloria41 (2119 days ago)
I lost 2 lbsbye eating small meals & my little one & i
went for a walk yesturday, My 5 yr. old & i play game
on our walk. it is fun. I love you guys & Jamie Keep up
the good work((:*HUGS*<3 & God Bless you all very much
& thank you Loits<3
Posted by ExplosiveCoupon (2181 days ago)
I personally know one of the amazing women in this
video and I can attest that the resultsw are REAL! She
has kept the weight she has lost off! She has motivated
and inspired so many people to start the Jamie Eason 12
Week Trainer! I am currently on the trainer and have
already lost 8lbs of fat and feel so much STRONGER and
have so much ENERGY! Before I started the trainer I was
the queen of fast food and now I love to eat CLEAN!
Nothing in the world could change my mind that the
Jamie Eason 12 Week Trainer is the best program for me
and for any other person who is ready to live healthy
and fit! Thank you Jamie Eason for creating this
program and being a motivation to all of us!
Posted by RickieDY (2182 days ago)
feel so proud to say I did this! and think I will do it
again after New Years 2012 :)
Jamie Eason is
Posted by Vegasbaby77 (2182 days ago)
signed up 9 weeks ago thinkning i could do this without
a gym membership...stopped as a result, but am ready to
start over and try again. i will somehow modify some of
the exercises provided in order to make it work for me.
i hope to get the same sort of results that some of
these people have achieved
Posted by TeenLiftHarry (2182 days ago)
I think I love Jamie Eason <3
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2011 Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Promo
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Added: December 21, 2011
The results are infectious, once you get them, you'll pass them along.

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