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Posted by corymarsh (1463 days ago)
Carbs don't make you fat, sugar doesn't make you fat.
FAT makes you fat. 100%. Drink at least 5 liters of
water per day, eat a diet rich in organic fruits and
vegetables. If you want to be high energy, you need
to eat high CARBS.
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Team members provide an inside look at their elite fitness lifestyles, giving away the secrets of their programs down to the smallest detail. Get their full training, diet, supplement, and lifestyle tips, allowing you to incorporate these proven principles into your own routine.

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Fitness 360: Seth Feroce, Working Class To World Class Training
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Added: October 14, 2013
Dozens of proven programs live on the bodybuilding market. Seth Feroce has used most of them. Why be choosy when you can have a bit of everything? This is how bodybuilders train.

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