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Posted by Geheimrat (2265 days ago)
Sad thing how times and manners changed, indeed. That's
why I train at home.
Posted by zacthebeast (2636 days ago)
Right on Ric. I train without a partner, but in my gym
I help my fellow lifters with spots and they back me up
too. Seen all your shows. priceless dude
Posted by nwtrnr (2822 days ago)
It's all about having manners, some of do and some
don't. Great vid. many good points made.
Posted by seepeps (2874 days ago)
i once took a cell phone off a bench to use it (the
bench) and the owner of it, (who happens to wear
designer sunglasses inside the gym!) b*tched me out for
touching his stuff. this guy walks around the gym
super-setting each machine and will bump anyone off
like he owns the place. if he wasn't twice my size, i
would love to teach him a lesson.
Posted by jerwin2804 (2894 days ago)
Unfortunately those of us who are reading this don't
need to, and those who do aren't reading or watching
this video. I work out at a YMCA myself and you would
think that with all the "Personal Trainers" that walk
around there they would call people out and make them
put their weights up.
Posted by stactheace (2897 days ago)
I just hate when people don't put away the weights. The
whole point is it is about repsect in general and most
people are just lazy. These are the same people who
leave trash on the ground and have never learned
manners in general. I was training at a college gym and
a a guy about 260lbs, probably about 40% body fat
leaves 2 plates on each side of the bench.. and he
says, "I figure most peope can do that" and chuckles.
First of all, if this guy could do one complete rep of
bench instead of bouncing it off his flab his max would
probably be 185lbs.. Most people that leave the weights
have ****ty physiques anyway... you kind of see a
pattern. As far as dropping the weights and such,
sometimes that's just what happens when you go to
complete failure. I don't see Ronnie Coleman worrying
about dropping the weights, that doesn't mean you
should drop them on every set or purposely do it or not
pick them up. In fact, if I don't eventually drop the
weight when I am doing deadlifts, then to me I didn't
workout hard enough. I always allow people to use
machines that I am uing and such, but sometimes when
you are doing a superset you need to use multiple
pieces of equipment and you cannot afford to wait and
lose your pump. To me there are just too many
mainstream gyms out there and not enough hardcore. How
many gyms do you know close at 10pm? How many gyms out
there were people complain if you make too much noise?
We live in a society of laziness and disdain for
Posted by charliesierra (2898 days ago)
I'm on board. My peeves are also people dropping the
dumbells on the floor instead of just sitting up with
them, people slamming the plates together like making
noise is going to add size, people resting on the
machines for twenty minutes while you're waiting to
finish your routine with some high rep burn-outs,
people literally standing over you(with weights!) when
it's crowded and you're on the bench, and especially
when some tool or toolette grabs the dumbells off the
rack and then STANDS right there so nobody else can get
to the weights,etc.etc.
Posted by Bangkokviper (2899 days ago)
Sometimes I think I am the only one that puts the
weights away when I finish! If your big enough and ugly
enough to lift them, then you can put the back.
Posted by jgetter (2900 days ago)
The worst gym etiquette was at my local YMCA. Was
hitting the bench pretty heavy. Got up from my set,
still staning next to the bench, when this young kid
about 17 came up and took a 45 off the bar and walked
away with it. He didnt even ask if I was done...just
took it. Needless to say he never did that again.
Manners are definately gone from todays gyms.
Posted by edward303 (2902 days ago)
It seems a shame that working out became a more
mainstream thing to do.
Posted by Speedgtr90 (2903 days ago)
Oh my god, what the last guy said actually happened to
me, word for word.
Posted by joeltoro (2904 days ago)
I hate when i go to use a freaking machine or what ever
equipment in the gym and some ******* on the other side
of the gym runs over and says "boss im using
that"........well if your freaking using it then stay
by it a least. stop using the whole gym at a time, lol,
funny idiots out there.
Posted by chrisbms (2904 days ago)
Exactly. Sometimes I wish I could rip off some ears.
Posted by trainerwebby (2905 days ago)
I had just finished 10 plates on the leg press the
other dayand a young kid (early 20s) watched me clear
all 10 plates after my last set. He asked why I did
that and I just told him -- gym etiquette. Nuff said.
Posted by ironjim53113 (2905 days ago)
i hate people that load up a leg press with 8 to 10
plates a side get done and just walk away from it.
Posted by deloachrd (2906 days ago)
i cannot stand when people do not put there weights
back. People reading magazines and talking on cell
phone is rude as hell.
Posted by lsnd (2906 days ago)
It seems that the good old times are gone…..certainly
at the gym I am working out at. Please….if you have
to talk, don’t talk in front of the dumbbell rack, go
in a freakin bar…..a 50lbs dumbbell is not a 12.5lbs
dumbell…..a 15lbs db is not a 30lbs….45 doesn’t
belong on the 25 spot on the rack….if you move
weights in a different corner of the gym please put
them back were they belong too…..don’t sit on the
dumbbells if you have to rest inbetween sets for
10minutes… if you can do 2 quarter reps of dumbbell
chest presses, please try it with less weight….I know
when you drop a 80 vs. 110 it doesn’t make such a
loud noise and the entire gym wouldn’t look at you,
but man, it doesn’t make you look cool… is also
not cool to do lateral cable raises and be on the
phone, there are other people waiting for the cables
and it might be beneficial for them, because it is not
for you!
Go to a bar if you want to socialize,
stay in the car if you need to be on the phone…..get
out of the way! Think about what you want to achieve if
you go to a gym….people with the right work out
attitude don’t need you there….shut up and
Does somebody know a gym in the greater
Detroit area, which is not a beauty salon? Please let
me know. Thanks.
Posted by Whiskers1 (2907 days ago)
I need a time machine!!! I workout at my house so I
don't have to put up with any of that crap. It would
be nice to find a good old school/hardcore gym to
workout at sometimes though. There's definitely non
around my house...
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Gym Etiquette
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Gym manners were different back in the day, no radios, no leaving weights out, and no distractions. Ric rants on everything from co-ed showers and celebrity trainers to hogging machines and dropping weights.
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