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Posted by avinaba1993 (1674 days ago)
KAI is my God everyday i worship HIM.....everyday day
by day he motivates me ,,,mentally ,physically
Posted by zacthebeast (2329 days ago)
Kai is a storm approaching. Truly masterful at his
craft. An amazing artist, philosipher and a dear friend
to me although we have never met. Kai, if u read this
ever, Totally one of my main motivations.
Posted by allen843 (2497 days ago)
Kai always looks great.
Posted by exp623 (2615 days ago)
its kinda sad, kai didn't get to one of the top 4's
sorry man... tsk,tsk,tsk, but this is more bigger now,
that's for sure... keep it up kai !!!
Posted by tone1985 (2645 days ago)
I agree with all of you. For a guy his size to move the
way he does and look as great as he does I look forward
to seeing real videos of great training and
preparation. Currently the best
Posted by richie.d.c (2731 days ago)
monster!!!! i couldnt give a f**k about the routine,
this man is a legend,(although that back roll ting dint
go to well) his physique is amazing!
Posted by flydog (2790 days ago)
Awesome physique obviously but probably the worst
posing routine I've ever seen! Don't know what that
backward roll thing was all about?!?!
Posted by Sphinxman90 (2806 days ago)
Pretty Clear Bob did not know what he was talking
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2010 Arnold Classic: Top 10 Men's Routines - Kai Greene
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Added: March 10, 2010
Top 10 Men's Routines - Kai Greene

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