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Posted by gxg2 (1867 days ago)
working out for some years on my on no out side
motivation till i chek back in bodybuilding well well
yes i need some new approach some refreshment the color
the fantasy the smyling you add your self is state of
mind no doubt forme it is like adccion after loosing
all my mony anding living in apt reducing all my
expences discoveryng my rru real friends over steping
suicidal thoughts taiking all my anger in yhe GYM and
watching this man naow i find amusing thanks thats all
can said
Posted by Escalation1988 (2145 days ago)
Posted by kentimaru (2173 days ago)
he has way better form than jonnie jackson and
Posted by MrGheeze84 (2332 days ago)
this man knows the definition of sacrifice
Posted by Jaycody2012 (2622 days ago)
He will win this year he learned from his mistakes now
he shall be MR .O!
Posted by stephantrainer (2634 days ago)
Great work kai.
Posted by bulat93 (2754 days ago)
Brooklyn, NY. Great job Kai. Keep pushing it hard!
Posted by gOt2be (2763 days ago)
At 12:30 - is that Kimbo Slice in the back ground?
Posted by felipea (2764 days ago)
NYC here - Keep up the good, Mr. Greene..wink!
Posted by NathanielHield (2773 days ago)
This is so for real! Talk about intensity...
Posted by pharmamarketer (2773 days ago)
Awesome. Great jo. The more I watch the more I love
this guy
Posted by bwayne1124 (2775 days ago)
Hey man...I raced home from work to see Ep 3 before i
hit the gym WTH!!!!!
Posted by blow310 (2775 days ago)
haha im waiting for part 3 to post too
Posted by thegravijia (2775 days ago)
where is part 3?????????????????????????????
Posted by sweetsasha (2776 days ago)
Yep...Good Reklam,Kai is good bodybuilder-but on the
video its very much fantasy-no comedy,no smilying,no
beauty collor.''Put your mind in the mucle'',Kai's mind
its strange and clear,but its not enought...Have a
Bodybuilding Style Life,a think its will be more and
more attractive....
Posted by mike pulcinella (2776 days ago)
Well put rcanmar! You understand Kai's philosophy well!
Posted by rcanamar (2777 days ago)
To have more you first must become more. This is the
true effort it takes to become a worldclass champion.
Be,do,have, and in that order is what it takes for your
dreams in your head to become reality in your
Posted by Yanick Dufour (2781 days ago)
Impeccable work Mr. Pulcinella !!!

documentary reflects the inner strength needed to
compete and your work is awesome !!! I'll be waiting
for the next volume and the motivation it brings is
phenomenal. Hope this will be the first of

Posted by chrisld (2781 days ago)
Wow... awesome. This is true bodybuilding.
Posted by jsupreme (2782 days ago)
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Show Information
Incredible new documentary film about the intense and often mysterious Kai Greene as he follows up his monumental win at the 2009 Arnold Classic with preparation for his first appearance at the Olympia. Get an eye-opening look at the primal philosophies that power this champion.

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Video Information
Kai Greene | A New Breed, Vol. 1 Overkill | Part 2
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Added: April 9, 2010
The film rolls silently as it captures Oscar and Kai's ritualistic preparation 4 weeks out. Amidst the bright lights and distractions of the Vegas Strip, witness a level of discipline and reverence not often seen in this sport. Things become increasingly uneasy as Oscar injures himself, but still manages to keep Kai focused through a grueling chest routine.

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