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Posted by ruadano (1744 days ago)
This is crazy!
Posted by aaronbell (1854 days ago)
I have all of the overkill and redemption vids
downloaded on my computer. I watch them whenever I
need a good kick in the ass to go kill it in the gym.
Posted by turnerr (1949 days ago)
Kai is the biggest inspiration
Posted by babyox1 (2031 days ago)
Awesome videos!!
Posted by likemetodo (2034 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by polokingok (2069 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by Darylismyname (2094 days ago)
Avoiding friends and living in a solitary confinement
can cause stress and make u unhappy. Just gotta avoid
the negative parts of ur life if u seek success..
Otherwise all u will achieve is less then greatness.
but still will be rewarded for the hard work
Posted by kentimaru (2173 days ago)
damn i wish my wife would let me get 40 lbs of
Posted by Wenworth (2190 days ago)
what was he cooking? i wanna know, i like to cook and
make new things,-help anybody
Posted by Tcrow (2227 days ago)
that intensity is something to strive for
Posted by ndog (2429 days ago)
thats what she siad
Posted by j1legerme (2586 days ago)
Damn!! that's call giving it your all.
Posted by stephantrainer (2634 days ago)
Great job Kai.
Posted by bIGHIN31 (2660 days ago)
Posted by hydrospace (2744 days ago)
This guy is the ****s,, bums me out.
Posted by felipea (2764 days ago)
NYC here - I'm looking out for your progress and wins,
Mr. Greene..wink!
Posted by Speedgtr90 (2765 days ago)
Nobody is criticizing Kai. There's just a point to
where you are putting yourself in a place mentally that
may not be so healthy, as the filmmaker stated in part
4. I think he may have taken a more healthy approach
for this last Arnold win, I don't know.
Posted by chaosmatt (2766 days ago)
guys saying they take it to seriously, this is what you
need to do to get to where they are. Maybe ronnie and
jay have better genetics which mean kia has to push
this much harder but i say well done to kia he shows
what the human body is capable of at the highest level
over the top? maybe, but when you dedicate so much of
your life to diet, training and contest prep you want
to go all out and go for the win and imo its better to
over work than under work with something this big.
Posted by jamil908 (2768 days ago)
champion in the making..and in my opinion hes not too rather work too hard rather than not hard
Posted by aenamorado (2769 days ago)
those who are saying "he's too serious" or "other
champions didnt put themselves through hell, got some
laughs in, blah blah" - look, you have overcome very
little with your average builds so maybe you have the
wrong mindsets. And you werent there in the moments
that made other olympian athletes who they are. So you
dont know the hell they went through. And it takes
walking through hell to move beyond human limits. Dont
criticize someone at something that they do better than
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Show Information
Incredible new documentary film about the intense and often mysterious Kai Greene as he follows up his monumental win at the 2009 Arnold Classic with preparation for his first appearance at the Olympia. Get an eye-opening look at the primal philosophies that power this champion.

 Viewing Episode #3
Video Information
Kai Greene | A New Breed, Vol. 1 Overkill | Part 3
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Added: April 16, 2010
Far away from the Strip, the filmmaker explores why it was necessary for a professional bodybuilder to come to the place where he will compete 8 weeks before the event. On a late night grocery run, Oscar reflects on the price one pays for greatness, and his own dreams of the Olympia stage. At the gym, Kai's brutal leg session pushes him to the edge of human physiology, and the pivotal link between commander and solider illuminates.

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