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Posted by URZARAGE7 (2593 days ago)
like always good interview and a very good video.
hope you come and give us a visit in the world gym san
Posted by Trailer Park (2738 days ago)
"I love how non pros love to criticize pros on form

I agree RuffRyder1974...
you said it.
Posted by Marcus41 (2740 days ago)
i love how Bat_Man cant count and realize theres only 4
plates on each side.
Posted by RuffRyder1974 (2747 days ago)
I love how non pros love to criticize pros on form and
Posted by dimebagwasher (2750 days ago)
I can't wait to see him next to Kai or Branch. His legs
will look like tooth picks, and always will if he keeps
training with those quarter reps.
Posted by CPass05 (2750 days ago)
buy watching this, I have now learned to master the
Posted by adamwalsh (2752 days ago)
nice rom
Posted by lovebbing (2752 days ago)
oh so its just a written rule that says you gotta have
28" legs to win a show? regardless of your height?
Posted by PurpleOnes (2753 days ago)
This series came pretty late to Like
allmost all episodes of season 2 are on youtube
Posted by bsnakes (2755 days ago)
I hear you jsupreme, guys today have legs that are
29-30 inches on stage. Takes some serious work. I am
also a believer in traditional methods to getting big.
Squat, stiff leg deadlift, and maybe lunges. It doesn't
take a lot if you lift heavy and intense. That really
goes for any muscle.
Posted by jsupreme (2756 days ago)
I think he is holding himself back a far as his legs
are concerned. As a Successful Pro your gonna need 28's
to win
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Show Information
Fans of the first season of Unleashed will be pleased to learn that BSN® Video has stepped it up a notch for the all-new second season of this spotlight series, starring IFBB uber-prospect Brandon "THE PRODIGY" Curry! Brandon Curry Unleashed: Road to the Tampa Pro follows the young superstar as he gears up his training in preparation for his professional debut at the Tampa Pro in July.

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Video Information
Brandon Curry Unleashed, Season 2: It Starts With The Legs
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Added: May 27, 2010
Find out why this rising IFBB mega-star chose the Tampa Pro for his pro debut under the watchful eye of Pro Creator Hany Rambod. Prepare yourself for more wildly unconventional training doctrines as Brandon grinds through a brutal cavalcade of squats, hacks, leg press, and more.
Channels: Leg Training  Contest Prep  IFBB Pros 
Tags: Brandon  Curry  IFBB  Pros  Hany  Rambod  contest  preparation  leg  training 

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