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Posted by bilawalsohail (1641 days ago)
Posted by terrencebizzell (2296 days ago)
The thing about body building and any sport is
training. Training is different for everybody. What may
work for you may not work for the next guy! Do what
gives you results!
Posted by jack211 (2296 days ago)
nothing agenst brandon curry and his partner both big ,
but i think they read the instructions wrong on the t
bar row
Posted by gogokiwi (2326 days ago)
worst form i have ever seen
Posted by tlvoss (2346 days ago)
No where did I say he has great form, or just because
he's big that means he has great form. I'm not saying
he has great form at all, I'm saying obviously he knows
what works for him, he's a pro. The fact that some
small ass dude made some smart ass comment about this
beasts form... it makes me laugh, he should prob try
lifting like this guy, from that pic it's evident that
his way of lifting isn't working.
Posted by pmcclung88 (2349 days ago)
Just because he's big doesn't mean he has good form.
First big mistake everyone makes. Most bodybuilders
suffer from a ton of pain and injuries.
Posted by tlvoss (2351 days ago)
Ya, form is important, especially for rookies learning
to lift. This guy obviously knows how to train his
body, I wouldn't worry about critiquing this guys form.
Posted by victorwlayne (2353 days ago)
I guess I'll forget about everyone telling me how
important form is.
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Show Information
Fans of the first season of Unleashed will be pleased to learn that BSN® Video has stepped it up a notch for the all-new second season of this spotlight series, starring IFBB uber-prospect Brandon "THE PRODIGY" Curry! Brandon Curry Unleashed: Road to the Tampa Pro follows the young superstar as he gears up his training in preparation for his professional debut at the Tampa Pro in July.

 Viewing Episode #3
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Brandon Curry Unleashed, Season 2: Breaking Back
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Added: June 14, 2010
Brandon lets the cat out of the bag on his diet and supplements, and not surprisingly his keys to success are increasing calories and carb cycling. Watch as he grinds through some nasty t-bar rows, wild cable rope variations, and heavy underhand cable pulldowns.
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