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Posted by pushingchrist (2248 days ago)
from the previous videos B stated that he used cell
mass, epozine-02 nt, and Syntha 6 does he take all of
these at once. I mean all in the same day. I am
starting to train not with a trainer yet but
eventually. What can I do on my own or what should I
take in reference to lean mass recovery, vitamins,
nitric oxide, creatine? Any suggestions?
Posted by mrcadafi (2346 days ago)
Never die attitide! ! ! :D
Posted by Manjfs (2349 days ago)
ROM OR WHATEVER you guys are talking about Does not
matter- Body Building is about being the Biggest Guy on
the stage and still be the leanest and if he can do
this by doing the short ROM or watching T.V eating Fast
food No matter what he does but he has it better than
us so Gotta appreciate ........... Think Positive:D
Posted by tlvoss (2350 days ago)
HAHA, a wrestler hating on a bodybuilding. shouldn't
you be like running in a plastic bag or spitting into a
bottle or something? Maybe you should try squatting
once in your life...this guy would literally eat you
for breakfast. go starve yourself some more, you know
nothing about getting big.
Posted by gjl305 (2351 days ago)
hes a beast and i need to try those pull over
Posted by TulandaR (2440 days ago)
ftwrestler. you sound stupid.
Posted by ftwrestler (2451 days ago)
our body types have nothing to do with the fact that he
wont win an olympia because his ROM is terrible and he
wont get full development
Posted by richie.d.c (2498 days ago)
i gota get to the gym, these vids get me hype!
Posted by killakeyz (2661 days ago)
@siral Yea you're right. You don't always have to
use your full range of motion to get a good workout. I
mean look at this guy! I think he knows how to train.
Posted by siral (2669 days ago)
This guy has more mass than most pros and you guys with
sticks and twigs for arms and legs are going to
critique his training? Have you ever heard of partial
rep training or constant tension techniques? Didn't
think so.
Posted by vbknez (2710 days ago)
Dorian Yates should give him a few lessons on training
Posted by VIsland (2730 days ago)
OMG what a tiny range of motion!!!
Posted by wanzi01 (2735 days ago)
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Show Information
Fans of the first season of Unleashed will be pleased to learn that BSN® Video has stepped it up a notch for the all-new second season of this spotlight series, starring IFBB uber-prospect Brandon "THE PRODIGY" Curry! Brandon Curry Unleashed: Road to the Tampa Pro follows the young superstar as he gears up his training in preparation for his professional debut at the Tampa Pro in July.

 Viewing Episode #4
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Brandon Curry Unleashed, Season 2: Off Season Construction
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Added: June 17, 2010
Dig into Brandon's seasonal training values and witness his clever variation on a dumbbell pullover by transitioning it into an extreme close-grip press. Next, get his take on the ever present issue of injury prevention as he pours it on with incline presses and cable crossovers.
Channels: Chest Training  Interviews  IFBB Pros 
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