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Posted by jzahardi (2118 days ago)
Love this show! I've been training since Samir
Bannout won the Mr pushing 30 years! I like how
you and your quests keep it real on the training and
lifestyle. and don't try to present some watered-down
BS! The interviews with the old timers like Roger
Callard and "ageless" Al Beckles are not only
entertaining but have a vital role in preserving the
history of this sport and endeavor...
Guys in my
age group (40s and 50s) owe a lot to your generation
bb'ers who trained in the Golden Days (i.e. 60s and
70s)...the energy you guys generated back then directly
correlates not only the availability of good gyms found
just about everywhere today, but the acceptance of
weight training and the bb lifestyle. You guys also had
great and very individualistic physiques (and training
methods) that inspired guys my age to start training!

You hit on so many good points in this video
on "Relationships" that resonate strongly with me. Back
in the day people were so negative...I have an
endo/meso body-type so would catch a lot of flack with
comments like "When you stop training you are going to
be obese." Guess what: I am 45 and still doing db curls
with the 70s and have relatively low body fat!

Keep up the great commentaries and
interviews: If you cand, please get get as many of the
Golden Greats as you can: Bill Pearl, Chet Yorton,
Larry Scott, Harold Poole, Dave Draper etc!!!
Posted by MountainMatt64 (2379 days ago)
Ric is it best to ignore people who call you a freak?
Or is it better to explain to them about it? Because I
find some people either won't listen or won't
appreciate it or are they just not worth the time?
Posted by Ringen (2699 days ago)
I just threw away my Bible, cause I have a new one
now... Thanks Ric, love your stories man!
Posted by vgamma (2700 days ago)
Preach it brother! Love, love, love Ric's Corner. Keep
it coming!
Posted by 55Lifts (2703 days ago)
Another great video Ric.
Posted by stactheace (2705 days ago)
ahah wow this is right on
Posted by godbrother (2708 days ago)
Hell Ric! Another great video from you - this is the
best videoserie about bodybuilding and lifestyle. This
is the Truth !Thanks for doin that -keep up the good
work! All the best and god bless you !
Posted by Ben_the_builder (2711 days ago)
Bodybuilders are still misunderstood today, hell I get
funny looks AT my gym while working out.
Posted by richjohnlewis (2711 days ago)
Rick, I follow your show and have seen every episode
from the beginning. This one, however, topped it off
for me. So true what you have said. I had met and known
some of the best bodybuilders in the world, having run
the World Gym in NYC for years. I actually got to train
at Gold's in the 90's and even then it was a far cry
from today. But the fact that the guys like you paved
the road for guys like me is unquestionable. I grew up
with the whole "you're gonna stunt your growth" and
"you're gonna turn to fat" and "why do you wanna look
like that?" verbal attacks for two decades, and now my
critics look and feel like crap (which I don't wish on
anyone however) and I still training with the same
vigor I started with 33 years ago. Thanks for taking
the time and effort to put these pieces together, I
look forward to it all!
Posted by Leon2006 (2711 days ago)
Great video Ric, every video that you make really
touches my heart. I wish I lived back in the 70's and
was a bodybuilder... People now days are just so....
different. Ego's hit the roof at Golds in Santa Clara.
When will you post a video on Arnold's chest or
shoulder workouts? I love hearing about those days,
very motivating.
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Show Information
Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Relationships In Bodybuilding
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Added: June 22, 2010
Ric rattles off a near 10 minute rant addressing all the rumors, mumblings, accusations, assumptions, and insecurities he's heard over the years.
Channels: Lifestyle 
Tags: Ric  Drasin  old-school  bodybuilding  lifestyle  relationships 

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