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Posted by Gasket (2297 days ago)
MajorRed53, u dont always have to lock out in every
excersize. once u lockout many times ur taking the
weight off of the muscle ur working so its not a
problem if u have a shorter ROM on some sets. Dorian
Yates says the same thing.
Posted by MajorRed53 (2380 days ago)
Why is his range of motion so small? Is it just due to
his muscle size?
Posted by Tyciol (2554 days ago)
I wish Ronnie Colemansaur was my dad.
Posted by pailoong (2717 days ago)
With such a massive physique the slight lisp is
humanizing. He's not a god among men. He's part god,
like Hercules or Achilles.
Posted by MOMUSCLE (2717 days ago)
Posted by spencerlee93 (2719 days ago)
Posted by mikebomber (2721 days ago)
BiG RoN is The KING!!!
Posted by ragw (2725 days ago)
itz huge
Posted by Modycoore (2726 days ago)
F*** hes massive
Posted by soopamyko (2728 days ago)
one of the greatest
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Show Information
In 2006, camera crews followed Ronnie for an unprecedented look at the day to day life of this remarkable athlete. The footage has been unreleased... until now. Go behind the scenes and witness the methods that have made Ronnie Coleman a living legend in bodybuilding. Also, hear him talk about his comeback to the Mr. Olympia stage in an exclusive interview from December 2009. If you're a fan of the sport, this is one video series you can't afford to miss.

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Ronnie Coleman: The Undiscovered Footage | The Goal
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Added: July 23, 2010
More dirt on the '10 Oly: The Big Man's gunning for the win, but with a playful and casual attitude. A short but heavy shoulder workout ensures delt dominance. Ronnie's confident the package he's bringing will compete with the current best in bodybuilding, including being healthy and injury free.
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