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Posted by MountainMatt64 (2430 days ago)
I'll try to change the world for you ric!
Posted by Trivoletsky (2721 days ago)
Damn, great video. I agree with every word.
Posted by dj_dac (2723 days ago)
i agree!!!
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

 Viewing Episode #39
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Ric's Corner: Personal Trainers
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Added: August 3, 2010
Ric points out that the term "personal trainer" is a newer invention, and in the Golden Era they were known as "gym instructors" and evokes his own short lived stint. Then in popular fashion, he discharges a barrage of observations and disappointments about this saturated industry.
Tags: Ric  Drasin  old-school  bodybuilding  personal  trainers 

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