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Posted by Sparkycool (2330 days ago)
Kai is by far my favourite modern bodybuildier! The
dedication he shows is one of a kind!
Posted by stephantrainer (2691 days ago)
Great job Kai.
Posted by mrlongisland1 (2706 days ago)
My Idol!!!!!!
Posted by Sphinxman90 (2708 days ago)
Posted by ness286 (2709 days ago)
does anyone know if kai's bi's r oil?
Posted by gOt2be (2709 days ago)
Awesome video show.
Posted by riverdragon13 (2714 days ago)
Looks like it is going to be another great piece on Kai
Greene. I'm looking forward to it. Vol. 1 was very
Posted by droopy122 (2716 days ago)
Kai is truly an inspiration. Just his attitude and
positive mindset really sets him apart from other
Posted by powerfreak131 (2717 days ago)
Awesome. Just awesome.
Posted by wrekshop (2718 days ago)
Kai just became my fav bodybuilder! he's huge and
Posted by chubalishous (2719 days ago)
not the words of my mouth but the manifestation of my
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Show Information
In this highly anticipated follow-up to the immensely popular Vol.1 Overkill, we'll dig deeper and explore new facets of this multi-dimensional tour-de-force covering everything from his unforgiving leg workouts and extraordinary mind-body control to the mysteries behind his outrageous posing routines. In the aftermath of the 2009 Olympia, his relentless work ethic is only strengthened as he seeks to maintain his fever pitch popularity starting with the shock to the bodybuilding world as it witnessed the events beginning at the 2009 Arnold. If you never thought Kai could drive things to a whole different level, then you simply don't understand the nature of the beast.

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Kai Greene | A New Breed, Vol. 2 Redemption | Part 1
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Added: August 7, 2010
At an auditorium in Columbus, OH, Kai gives an inspirational speech the very next day after winning the '10 Arnold Classic. With his first Olympia behind him, he shifts his focus from strict competition to improvement, and embarks down a new path after heading back home, resting, and settling into the well hewn routine that brought him to this elite level to begin with. Kai's powerful vision of physical manifestation through thought has not been weakened by the preceding events, but reinforced.
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