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Posted by MISSBETH1 (1692 days ago)
I am so glad I came across this. I just picked up some
pointers on correct form, and I cannot wait to
incorporate these workouts into my routines. I dig
Posted by MISSBETH1 (1692 days ago)
I am so glad I came across this. I just picked up some
pointers on correct form, and I cannot wait to
incorporate these workouts into my routines. I dig
Posted by karas14 (1812 days ago)
Robert Hatch is the person I respect for his knowledge
and contribution to this sport.
Posted by FrederikHansen (1989 days ago)
Really love this Quantum Body Method workout! Good
Posted by FilthyPuppyDog (2099 days ago)
The white dude looks like Beaker from the Muppet Show,
on steroids.
Posted by rob760 (2271 days ago)
Can't wait to try this workout.
Posted by ziggythecat (2317 days ago)
Tried this tonight. Shoulders are feeling it. Nice
Posted by SpinnMaster (2330 days ago)
I did this workout tonight and completely exhausted my
delts and traps. Definitely one of the best workouts
that I've ever experienced.
Posted by mikel19 (2347 days ago)
great program for my shoulders men
Posted by Tsandell (2394 days ago)
Awsome program! I tried the workout chest and biceps
yesterday and DAMN! It's so fantastic! Robert Hatch is
the man!
Posted by tore113 (2407 days ago)
i need help, now in 1 years me do gym,but for me is not
easy increase me mass.
whot me need make ? thank`s
Posted by ianknxv (2408 days ago)
Tried this out for my shoulder/trap workout yesterday.
It kicks a@@.
Posted by mattthefeather (2410 days ago)
new workout to toss in tomorrow. lookin forward to it
Posted by Evillatto (2411 days ago)
is this for building muscle or cutting??
Posted by Allisroiben (2414 days ago)
big man, small weights
Posted by RealTalkRev (2423 days ago)
Amazing cutting and strengthening routine!
Posted by Tyciol (2518 days ago)
I love your prexhaust
Posted by ravioli96 (2570 days ago)
ur amazing i love this routine
Posted by Adamisseyegh (2594 days ago)
prefer to go heavy with my lifts, this is probably good
for cutting
Posted by Anthony21 (2602 days ago)
Robert Hatch is the man and QBM is one great workout!
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Show Information
Team ErgoGenix member and top NPC athlete Robert Hatch introduces you to the new Quantum Body Method system. Watch as Robert guides fellow team member Mike Foster through this rigorous yet simple new system allowing you to reach practically any fitness goal by maximizing efficiency with several advanced lifting techniques including pre-exhaustion, body part sequencing, and giant sets. The flexible QBM will adapt to any purpose or fitness level and can facilitate muscular gains and endurance, flexibility, sports performance, fat loss, and cardiovascular capacity.

 Viewing Episode #2
Video Information
ErgoGenix Quantum Body Method: Shoulders & Traps
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Added: August 11, 2010
Episode #2 of the Quantum Body Method. This workout starts with a pre-exhaustion set of seated military presses, then Mike's challenged with a series of fast-paced pyramided sets on the Smith machine for perfect form. The second stage is a few light sets of behind the neck presses for additional delt development but avoiding injury. To hit all heads of the shoulders, supersetting front raises and side laterals with volume and intensity fits the bill. Reducing volume, front delts and traps are hit effectively with the upright row and superman combo. Traps and rear delts are then activated again with shrugs and bent flyes.

Check out the Full QBM System Here!

Channels: Back Training  Shoulder Training 
Tags: ErgoGenix  Robert  Hatch  Mike  Foster  NPC  amateurs  advanced  shoulders  traps  back  training  supersets 

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