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Posted by focusedat50 (1701 days ago)
Posted by hawss11 (2391 days ago)
Posted by shawnmonday (2414 days ago)
good video..question tho, could i use tbar or bent over
rows in the place of the pulldowns. just curious
Posted by ianknxv (2438 days ago)
OK... this is the 3rd of these workouts I've tried ( I
started with delts/traps because it coincided with my
old routine) and I think this method HAS to work
because I'm having NO FUN AT ALL! As others have
posted, I'm sore like I havent been in a long time, so
I must be hittting some muscle fibres that havent been
worked hard enough lifting heavy. For the next 6-8
weeks I'm gonna alternate a heavy weeek with a Quantum
week and see what happens. Progress pics to be posted
starting next week.
Posted by DontDreamSmall (2446 days ago)
Robert knows how and what to workout: due to the fact
he is bigger than you i would have to lean more toward
his advice.
Posted by macjxd (2464 days ago)
Robert next time change your training partner
Posted by Twells (2466 days ago)
Good stuff. The silly dude he is training makes it a
little annoying. I see nothing wrong with the body
parts trained together as long as you training days are
planned out right.
Posted by springs24 (2557 days ago)
great stuff
Posted by Jason_Rod (2561 days ago)
i don't understand the method. why back and tris? makes
no sense. biceps assist the back muscles, triceps
assist the chest muscles, working out your tris the
same day you're working out your back without working
out your chest will just make the day you do work your
chest even harder, and possibly cause you to over train
your triceps. im a personal trainer also, i believe a
safer and more effective method would be (chest, tris/
back, bis).
Posted by zelea (2577 days ago)
Posted by mats981 (2612 days ago)
I'm using Testostro grow hp 2 and rapid cuts + muscle
prime before workouts. But I was told that I should
double my dose of Testosterone, is that safe? And is
this mix safe for me?
Posted by quantumbodydoc (2647 days ago)
The QBM can be utilized for both increasing mass and/or
leaning out.
Remember, 80% of you reaching your
fitness goal is diet.
Posted by Air_eek (2650 days ago)
is this method for mass gain or leaning down??
Posted by Evangel (2691 days ago)
Hi. Greetings from Portugal. I have a doubt regarding
the first sets. Is it 1st, 2nd, 3rd+4th without rest,
or is it 1st, rest, 2nd, rest, 3rd+4th rest, repeat
3rd+4th and rest again? Can you help me please?
Posted by Hyruliangoat (2707 days ago)
"if you need a spot grab on to there feet, but that
doesnt apply to me as im just going to grab his butt
instead" lol.....
Posted by ERGOGENIX (2708 days ago)
@norubnodub - if you register at,
you can download a training guide that will step you
through the entire workout
Posted by deloachrd (2708 days ago)
this is good stuff. he is a good teacher.
Posted by (2708 days ago)
Do you only do 1 set of the lat exercises?
Posted by ERGOGENIX (2710 days ago)
The "Foster Face" is the result of the intense QBM
workouts - try them for yourself and you will
understand! :)
Posted by Subject2Change (2710 days ago)
Thank you for these detailed instructional videos.
Robert Hatch is fantastic. Excellent instruction with
great tips. Also love those faces that Mike Foster
makes. Keep these videos coming!
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Show Information
Team ErgoGenix member and top NPC athlete Robert Hatch introduces you to the new Quantum Body Method system. Watch as Robert guides fellow team member Mike Foster through this rigorous yet simple new system allowing you to reach practically any fitness goal by maximizing efficiency with several advanced lifting techniques including pre-exhaustion, body part sequencing, and giant sets. The flexible QBM will adapt to any purpose or fitness level and can facilitate muscular gains and endurance, flexibility, sports performance, fat loss, and cardiovascular capacity.

 Viewing Episode #3
Video Information
ErgoGenix Quantum Body Method: Back & Triceps
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Added: August 18, 2010
Episode #3 of the Quantum Body Method. Today starts with a pyramid superset of wide grip lat pulldowns and close grip reverse pulldowns, just the right formula to have your lats screaming for mercy. On to middle back with seated rows, Robert insists on perfect form for the best muscle stimulation including ending with partial reps and a quick superset with wide grip high rows. Middle back and rhomboids are singled out with bent flyes, while close grip pullups are utilized for a huge pump throughout. Finally it's hyperextensions to get that massive stretch in the muscle. With plans to attack all heads of the tricep, tried-and-true standard and reverse grip pushdowns are on the menu first. To end it's a straight set of overhead triceps extensions and then dips to failure.

Check out the Full QBM System Here!

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