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Posted by stephf1270 (2010 days ago)
I would like to make up a few batches of several
different kinds of her protien bars...does anyone know
if they freeze well?
Posted by celesteazul (2104 days ago)
Does anyone know if I can replace the whey protein with
Whey Isolate to this or any of her recipes??
Posted by McBroda (2150 days ago)
Just Lick it next time Jamie <3 It taste really good :)
Posted by cgbugs9 (2203 days ago)
Hey, what is a good sub for the egg whites as a am
vegan? Thanks
Posted by jessiecast (2246 days ago)
can u use chocolate
protein instead of vanilla??
Posted by sunflowergirl (2266 days ago)
Just made my first batch! Fabulous. Next I'm going to
try the pumpkin pancakes. I miss having pancakes on
Sunday's with my kids. Thanks. Can't wait till the
next helpful recipe gets posted.
Posted by jlmassey (2302 days ago)
Love the idea! I tweaked it a little kept the base the
same and added Strawberry Protein / 2 Bananas / Crush
Pecans - Was yummy
Posted by trinikelk1 (2306 days ago)
Made these today and they taste pretty good, very
moist...I use splenda and I found that there is an
after taste...Is this the normal never baked with
splenda before
Posted by JamieEason (2313 days ago)
I"m glad you guys like these! I actually use a
combination of xylitol and stevia in the raw for most
of my recipes now. Stevia is a bit bitter, so I find
that the xylitol will help balance that out and the
stevia reduces the amount of carbs that using all
xylitol would have added. As for how long they
keep...since there are no preservatives, up to a week
(sometimes more) in the fridge.
Posted by Joanna064 (2314 days ago)
I just made these they are so good and convenient to
have as a snack!
Posted by bp4rr (2334 days ago)
i made these today and they tasted awesome!! my recipe
was a bit different though. i didnt use carrot baby
food because i didnt have a chance to go to the store.
but i was really eager to make these so i used what i
had in my house and ended up using an 8oz boiled sweet
potato. recipe came out awesome. next time i will try
the carrot baby food. im sure it taste just as
Posted by danyb2011 (2356 days ago)
Hi Jamie! These are soooo yummy that it is hard for me
to believe they are not bad for me. Quick question: how
long are they good for (if I dont happen to eat them in
one sitting!) :-)
Posted by prestigenurse (2367 days ago)
Just made them!! They are delicious and very moist
Posted by myeclipse (2381 days ago)
Can't wait to try em... They look fantastic
Posted by kjenqn (2409 days ago)
Excited to make these!
Posted by surf_air (2420 days ago)
While I was making the recipe I notice that on write
up,there is a mistake it said 3/4 of cup for splenda,
but on the video you said 1/2 of a cup. I almost mess
up my cake.
Posted by MHennig (2451 days ago)
Really like the bars, however I really think you need
to investigate splenda (sucrlose). It was developed by
accident while trying to create a new insecticide, and
has the same chemical structure as DDT, PCB, and other
insecticides. I really think everyone should research
splenda (sucrlose) and make their own decision.
Posted by annayatsenko (2490 days ago)
Hey Jamie, What type of whey protein do you use for
Posted by AbhinavJ (2514 days ago)
is there something you aren't good at Jamie? these bars
are awesome!
Posted by TomBremner (2609 days ago)
can i use stevia in place of splenda?
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Eating clean doesn't have to be unappetizing. Jamie Eason is in the kitchen to share some of her favorite clean recipes to help get you lean.

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