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Posted by oxygen34 (2233 days ago)
Not being funny but he will always out train his puplis
as they are not on the same gear as Kai. This will
certainly help him to train as he does.
Posted by gainmuscle23qt (2318 days ago)
oonc again kai wow
Posted by pappageorge84 (2400 days ago)
he is the man. he should be part of the hart
foundation. (wwe reference)
Posted by ndog (2495 days ago)
kai is a beast
Posted by zackmorris (2585 days ago)
If he gets his conditioning down this year he will be
top 3. Always a threat.
Posted by okuchrisodo (2697 days ago)
Kai is such an Inspiration.He's Trying to keep it as
real as possible.You can be what you wanna be as long
as you put your heart in it.Go Kai.PAINT THE OLYMPIA
GREENE...i thinkk you deserve better you have come a
long way Dude.Stay up there this your time,this your
Posted by HungerThirst100 (2701 days ago)
Kai's influence transcends bodybuilding. Anyone that
wants to achieve their greatest potential should be
acquainted with this awesome athlete. It is only a
matter of time before he is crowned Mr. Olympia.
Posted by Scottness (2706 days ago)
He is one unusual a good way...
Some of
the best training vids I have seen
Posted by feltonjt (2708 days ago)
Great Instructions!
Posted by BigPath (2708 days ago)
Kai is the much to offer and so much to
bring to the table
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Show Information
In this highly anticipated follow-up to the immensely popular Vol.1 Overkill, we'll dig deeper and explore new facets of this multi-dimensional tour-de-force covering everything from his unforgiving leg workouts and extraordinary mind-body control to the mysteries behind his outrageous posing routines. In the aftermath of the 2009 Olympia, his relentless work ethic is only strengthened as he seeks to maintain his fever pitch popularity starting with the shock to the bodybuilding world as it witnessed the events beginning at the 2009 Arnold. If you never thought Kai could drive things to a whole different level, then you simply don't understand the nature of the beast.

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Kai Greene | A New Breed, Vol. 2 Redemption | Part 3
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Added: August 20, 2010
With his legs shredded from all the extracurricular work, a disillusioned yet determined disciple soldiers on to upper body where Kai emphasizes lowering the weights and focusing on the squeeze. All this extra work seems to pay off as Jason discovers new finesse when the time comes to throw the poses, while Kai offers unique advice on visualization.
Channels: Shoulder Training  Contest Prep  IFBB Pros 
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