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Posted by dcoates83 (1661 days ago)
Thanks man! Some useful info right there.
Posted by manhal (2012 days ago)
i usually do the reverse grip but always thought it was
for lower pecks, it also puts a lot of strain on my
Posted by TARIKKK06 (2228 days ago)
Sure you can.You can see the vid with dumbells on
Posted by jaanwu95 (2263 days ago)
can I use dumbells instead of a barbell?
Posted by swebs85 (2363 days ago)
shoulder injury coming right up
Posted by 97Atul (2439 days ago)
good tip i m gona use this!!!!!!!!!
Posted by parveen123 (2539 days ago)
Flat, Incline, decline: t.he best pump that I ever get
in my chest is when I do decline...the difference is
almost scary.
Posted by leatherdog (2586 days ago)
Instead of arcing the bar towards the head on the
raise, would it be possible to use a Smith Machine with
the bench at a small incline, for more control/safety
if working out alone? Or would it be better just to
start with a lighter weight than usual and focus on
maintaining the clean arc, instead of being impatient
about increasing the weight?

Thanks for any
further advice on form you can offer. It's a great
Posted by javitrainer (2592 days ago)
Excelent article, very instructive and motivant.
Posted by jeffersonbasso (2592 days ago)
great video and great knowledge !!
i will try it
on my next workout on saturday .
thanks for
Posted by quezadal (2593 days ago)
Jim, wow I tried this and what an awesome workout!
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with

Posted by Devilsman (2593 days ago)
Jim it's now Monday and I tried it exactly the way you
said and let me tell you I got an excellent workout. I
can't thank you enough for this great video and
workout. Def going to be part of my routine. Thanx Jim
your the best.
Posted by gadis (2595 days ago)
Thanks for another way to improve our self. The video
demonstration is very clear and well understood. Can we
maximize the efficiency of the Barbell/ dumbbell
Incline Bench Press with the use of reverse-grip ?
Posted by allaineskie (2597 days ago)
sir i'm a flat chested... i work out every day... can
you give me a work out plan??? thanks and more power..
Posted by JimStoppani (2598 days ago)
Devilsman - let me know how next Monday goes! Enjoy!
Posted by JimStoppani (2598 days ago)
vishtasp - smart plan changing it up every 6-8 weeks.
Hope it works well for you!
Posted by JimStoppani (2598 days ago)
reulism456z - you can superset inclince dumbbell flyes
with flat or decline flyes as a replacement.
Posted by Devilsman (2598 days ago)
Thanks Jim. I do chest on Mondays and will definatly
try this. It sounds intense and now I'm really looking
forward to Monday.
Posted by vishtasp (2598 days ago)
This will definitely be my next chest workout routine,
starting tomorrow. Good timing, because I was forming a
new workout plan from this week. I change every 6-8
weeks. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by reulim456z (2598 days ago)
Hi, sorry but my gym does not have the high pulley, are
there any alternative workout to substitute that
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Video Article: The Anatomy Of The Chest With Jim Stoppani
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Added: September 1, 2010
If you feel that you're not reaching your goals of having a firm upper chest with your current workout then try this new take on the bench press from Jim Stoppani, the Senior Science Editor of "Muscle And Fitness" and "Flex" magazines!

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