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Posted by charlie_g68 (2057 days ago)
Posted by raul125010 (2306 days ago)
very good video the emphasis of squeezing motion that's
how you get results
Posted by Tyciol (2541 days ago)
Some can handle the flaring, I think it may depend on
construction of joint, flexibility, etc. We don't
necessarily need to flare 90 degrees, lesser amounts
may be safer. Perhaps 45 is magic intermediary?
Posted by DRod (2576 days ago)
flaring the elbows will destroy the rotator cuff...this
video messed my shoulder out..dont not flare the
elbows..dangerous!....the way marcelos did the bench
was right, but do not flare the elbows
Posted by chevyt (2698 days ago)
Great Vid!!! 5 star approval!
Posted by GavinT (2747 days ago)
very educational!
excellent for beginners, great
for regular gym junkies to re-evaluate their form
Posted by busury (2889 days ago)
This is the most serious chest training that i have
ever watched, i have to thank to Mr Milos for this
great video with the useful information.
Posted by TheCartographer (2946 days ago)
People should be required to watch this before they
even start working out!
Posted by kirby_1978 (2958 days ago)
I 've been doing my chest workout wrong the whole I know what to do
Posted by immortel_la (2968 days ago)
I must say awesome!!
Posted by catanacism (3006 days ago)
No seriously, watch this!
Posted by CR7_Trevor (3025 days ago)
Wow great video, so much useful information here.
Posted by USMC-MP (3029 days ago)
People pay big bucks for trainers that dont give you
this in depth of a workout. Im glad they dont charge
for these videos, lol.
Posted by TasKieran (3105 days ago)
That was really good, and helpful. I loved how he
explained the cable cross over at the end.
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This ubiquitous webcast covers the entire industry! Join us as we train hardcore with Milos Sarcev, watch Charles Glass prepare top pros for competition, visit the Weider offices, and peek into lifestyle of the ever popular and often misunderstood Carrot Top!

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The Fit Show Season One, Episode #3: Milos Sarcev - Chest Training
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Added: June 17, 2009
This week on The Fit Show, get ready for a mind blowing chest workout with bodybuilding legend Milos Sarcev. Stay tuned for a no mercy workout that will have your chest reaching new peaks.
Channels: Chest Training  IFBB Pros 
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