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Posted by Tima711 (2045 days ago)
hello im new to the site and need a lot of help want to
do this but i dont kow if im ready for this.......can
anyone help me
Posted by pjmoreau (2086 days ago)
great video! and she is soooooooo hot!! :)
Posted by AllysMom (2103 days ago)
Loved this! Definitely going to have to modify some of
these but im ready to get this booty in shape!
Posted by PrincessMars (2144 days ago)
oooo, I'm gonna have to try this out! Thank you for
sharing this workout!
Posted by Kristaaa23 (2312 days ago)
Doing this workout tonight! Thanks Amanda!
Posted by jenniferarg (2329 days ago)
I did this workout & it was AWESOME!!!!
Posted by RNTobyfan (2505 days ago)
I liked all of it until she gets to the kickback and
she throwing the weight back with her leg. Its not a
controlled smooth movement. The same goes for the
adductor machine! Otherwise loved it!!
Posted by Mel3868 (2582 days ago)
Awesome! Loved it! Will definitely be giving it a go!!
Cant wait!!
Posted by JenSolomon (2583 days ago)
Love it, will be doing this Monday on leg/glute day!
Posted by petal (2584 days ago)
i've been looking so long foe something like this cause
thats my problem area; love it love it love
Posted by extremafits (2584 days ago)
Excellent demostration of a good glute workout Amanda!
Posted by bikinigirl805 (2584 days ago)
Awesome workout! I love her she is too cute.
Posted by pailoong (2606 days ago)
My fiance and I watched this video and she's inspired
to give it a go! On a side note, BSN owns. :-)
Posted by dawnparylo (2608 days ago)
Loved this video!!! Will def be adding into my
Thank you Amanda :)
Posted by 3944403 (2620 days ago)
on my list for tomorrow!
Posted by hurdlegirl (2621 days ago)
Will definately add these to my glute days!
Posted by Tiffasaurus (2623 days ago)
Great video! Super helpful tips and it is so cool to
see someone perform the exercises so I can adjust my
form and try some new things.
Posted by xxgrowler14xx (2626 days ago)
sick vid amanda, have you ever tried a different foot
position on the butt blaster machine?? I found if you
open your hips and shoulders a bit towards your working
set side and put the heel of your foot on the edge of
the petal BUT rather than having your foot
perpindicular to the pedal like in the video, your foot
is parallel w/ it(the heel is on the very edge and your
foot is going in the direction of the pedal). It hits
that top part you like to his on lunges; it's a nice
finishing move. A bit uncomfortable at first, and you
have to find how open you like your hips but once you
get it and feel it, it's hard to not incorporate it for
at least a couple sets on glute days. best of luck,
keep doin what you do :)~
Posted by jspenner (2626 days ago)
Great Video Amanda! Shared this with my friends
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Video Article: Amanda Latona's Pro Bikini Glute Workout
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Added: September 15, 2010
IFBB Bikini Pro, fitness model, and 2009 Flex online bikini model search winner Amanda Latona shares her secret to championship glutes with this new workout!

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