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Posted by dasabhijit5 (1317 days ago)
Posted by crazisanchez (1444 days ago)
de lujo
Posted by losanglligme (1739 days ago)
Posted by jdpowers4 (1926 days ago)
This is not for the weak at heart, only the gym rats. I
love the pump I get from these workouts. Since I
workout alone at home, I have to swap some exercises.
Like swapping the dumbbell pullover for cable because
my dumbbell sell only goes to 75 lbs. Follow the tips
and you should be wiped by the end of the workout. If
not, you are dogging it and cheating too much or maybe
lifting too light a weight.
Posted by heartheaker (1971 days ago)
is it ok to take one day off after 2 days ??tell me
fast plz...
Posted by maxflowersdawg (2128 days ago)
I will do this for 4 weeks
Posted by 2012tactics (2144 days ago)
your the man yates!!
Posted by freud (2159 days ago)
Dorian is great, this was good
Posted by hulkyyy (2165 days ago)
est une bonne séance d'entraînement
avec dorian
et ckriss
Posted by jerseycity201 (2182 days ago)
Posted by milkmaniac (2275 days ago)
The routine on the webpage
s-2.htm) says "1 min rest between *REPS*" instead of
"sets" for the last two exercises - glad I had the
video to clear that up, saved me like 20 minutes :-D
Posted by Matipuno (2298 days ago)
good workout
Posted by ScarsiP (2302 days ago)
Love this work out. Yates is the man.
Posted by tysouth (2308 days ago)
dude in the white shirt has terrible form but good
Posted by Jhurst1994 (2408 days ago)
As an answer to a question I saw earlier, which asked
why only 2-3 sets and not 4 like other workouts? This
is the pinnacle of HIT (High Intensity Training) which
basically states that once you work a muscle to
absolute failure, there's no need to keep working it.
Disclaimer, I may be wrong, and if I am please correct
me. I'm only 17 haha
Posted by gunnersgazz (2423 days ago)
Good workouts burst some blood vessels in my shoulder
after going really intense made me feel like a real man
can't wait for the first nose bleed doing heavy
deadlifts haha.
Posted by justone1979 (2432 days ago)
dorian ive been following ur workouts and i would not
have it any other way. very effective.
i am a big
fan of the hammer strength machine and was wondering if
i can replace the cable pulldown w/ the hammer strength
high row...and can i replace the seated cable row w/
the hammer strength low row....
Posted by jonathanray85 (2466 days ago)
@ Mcrl183
Its the same as the video.. muscle
group a day. Thats like any routine. Not an entire
week. you would never recover enough to really push it
the next day. It would do more damage then good if you
tried to do just one of the episodes for a whole week.
Also if you watch the videos and look closely you will
notice that they change clothes everyday......Just
saying guy.
Posted by skdkckup (2479 days ago)
awesome!!!! this train rocks!
Posted by Mcrl183 (2481 days ago)
for this routine, do i have to do one episode for one
whole week?
or one muscle group per day?
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Show Information Exclusive! Push beyond your limits and unlock new pathways of extreme growth as you follow the mass routine created by legendary 6-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Prepare to take on the very same body-shocking failure sets that elevated him into legend, and will test your threshold of possibility.

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Dorian Yates' Blood & Guts Trainer: Back
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If getting off the couch is the only workout your back gets, it's time to destroy your routine. Dorian Yates, the master of high intensity training, has 5 back-busting exercises for you to build powerhouse lats! Transform your back from a house made of straw to an impenetrable Fort Knox of muscle!

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