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Posted by chiefgreybeard (2517 days ago)
Why can't the electronics on exercise equipment use the
same commands? Why can't the put the gas filler on the
same side of every car? Why isn't everyone right
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Joining A Gym For The New Year
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Added: December 28, 2010
If you've decided to finally stick to your resolution of joining a gym for the New Year and can make it past the first 30 days, this is information you won't want to pass up. If you are unfamiliar with the gym scene, start by getting a good, dedicated trainer and check for free sessions. If you can't find one of those, ask other knowledgeable members and chances are they'd be happy to help. After getting started, keep your mind focused on the task at hand, creating a strong mind-muscle connection will get you better results. To ensure success, mix up your everyday lifting and cardio routine with other fitness related activities to keep things from getting boring.
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