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Posted by boy93 (1916 days ago)
Hey, I was wondering how the body wod look like if just
follow the workout and not Diet?
Posted by colemanJr (1958 days ago)
Today as of 1P.M. im starting this ****ing program lets
get this **** done!!!!!!!!
Posted by colemanJr (1958 days ago)
Today as of 1P.M. im starting this ****ing program lets
get this **** done!!!!!!!!
Posted by tlama102 (1964 days ago)
Just started this training program. I would like to see
how I look after 12 weeks. I can't exactly work on the
days he worked out during his traning but will try my
best to do like that. Lets see the result in 12 weeks.

Thanks Cris for the wonderful presentation.
Posted by elmeato (2041 days ago)
The portion size should be the size of
your fist.
Posted by Phrankie (2056 days ago)
How do you know the food portions? The list only says
what to eat, but not how much.
Posted by mgd1689 (2080 days ago)
Amazing, this program took me to the next step...
Posted by wrkddctn (2091 days ago)
Im puimped for this, finishing Insanity in 5day, going
to continue with this!
Posted by Heyitssteve (2177 days ago)
Excellent video thanks for the inspiration.
Posted by Andreageorgiou (2195 days ago)
Loving your channel Chris! Thank you for your
dedication to the program. :)
Posted by pt6071 (2206 days ago)
Okay, that's a bit much. Yes, this
is important but you can have a beer on the weekend and
you'll be fine.
Posted by DebJimenez (2298 days ago)
If you all want to help eachother out and support and
motivate each other, I am on FACEBOOK, so if you guys
and gals are too, join each other there.... Just
provide your Full Name and City and State here and
"FRIEND" each-other.... I want to kick some butt, as
P90XMC2 comes out 12-2011 and I want to be

Debra Jimenez
Newbury Park,
CA "FRIEND ME" if you want
Posted by DebJimenez (2298 days ago)
Great video, I am ready for this. I started today,
Sunday 10-2... I did P90X Legs and Back and ran 7 miles
Posted by elsellel (2302 days ago)
Excellent, excellent presentation Kris! All 85
episodes... really awesome and

After watching
this program in its entirety (I'm on my own 3 month
program which has the same goals) I can easily
recommend Kris's 12 week tainer to accomplish both fat
loss and muscle gain. Keep in mind, you'll have to
adjust both the diet (calorie-wise) and most likely the
workouts themselves. Kris is a big, strong dude,
carries a lot of muscle, is apparently natural, and has
been training hard for many years. If you're beginning
or even intermediate, be careful not to go overboard on
the training (volume-wise mixed with this sort of
intensity) until your body can handle the conditioning
necessary for that. Over-training is much 'easier' than
people think and it can occur slowly over many weeks,
so you're not aware of it until your gains grind to a
halt, your energy bottoms out, you get injured, etc. So
work hard and consistent, but listen to your body. In
any case, this series is really a good guideline with
great exercises and techniques like FST and Kris's own
DPT and the diet does work. You can gain muscle while
losing fat (I've done it many times) and Kris is pretty
dead on with this trainer.
Posted by AbdulNafe007 (2347 days ago)
can any one help me i am not a bulky boy i am thin but
i have fat around my belly and on legs what program i
follow build muscle or loss fat
Posted by ashay21 (2403 days ago)
im in on my 2nd week now and dont see any difference
besides my arms and legs. I understand that my torso
will be the last place to loose fat but i want to make
sure that this is the same with others following this
plan. The main reason i wanted to follow this plan was
to loose torso fat cus thats all that is left for me.
Does anybody understand what im saying, Thanks!
Posted by jmadtes (2408 days ago)
Just started the 12 weeks!
Posted by Richardampa (2408 days ago)
Thanks for the advice Kris!
Really helped!
Posted by matixsk8 (2493 days ago)
Hoge025 try *********.net, but bodybuilding is on of
the cheapest.
Posted by matixsk8 (2493 days ago)
Yah creatine is a must, helps during your workouts.
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Kris Gethin trains you and trains with you during his 12-week transformation program. Burn fat and build muscle to sculpt your ideal physique!

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Hardcore 12-Wk Daily Trainer With Kris Gethin: Overview
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Hardcore 12-Wk Daily Trainer With Kris Gethin: Overview

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