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Posted by ACE1980 (2501 days ago)
This day was accomplished because of the pause in
training that I had. I was doing cardio in that time
and achieved my goal of lowering my running time.
Physical Fitness test is out of the way, so I'm back on
track with Lee's workout program. .

For this
workout I did 15 min in the stair master followed by 15
min in a stationary bike. My legs are still on fire
because of the leg workout. Ready for day 3 now.
Posted by ACE1980 (2529 days ago)
Oh, and will be completing day 8th on day 9th.
Posted by ACE1980 (2529 days ago)
Completed day 9 on day 8th. I ran on the track today
and all I have to say is wow! Even though I been
running on the treadmill, I still manage to add
distance for the time ran. It was more difficult to
run on the track though.
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No matter what shape you're in, your age, or how many diet programs you've tried without success, we are confident that you can transform your body and become leaner and stronger with fitness legend, Lee Labrada's 12 week Lean Body program! With Lee Labrada as your personal trainer, you'll get expert meal plans, healthy recipes, exciting workouts and more - 1 episode for every day means he'll be there with you every step of the way as you go through your transformation. Lee is on a mission to show people how to get in shape and stay in shape for the rest of their lives. And now, he's here to help you! Start his free program today!

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Lee Labrada's 12 Wk Lean Body Trainer: Week 2, Day 2 - Cardio & Accelerating Your Fat Burn
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Added: January 3, 2011
Today you'll be doing 30 minutes of cardio training and letting your muscles recover. Learn how the lean body nutrition program will help you burn excess fat!

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