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Posted by falcon127 (2469 days ago)
Rick Let her Talk! You talk too much! Although we Love
You, let Noella speak too. Yes it is Ric's corner, it
could be Noellas corner!

Posted by chiefgreybeard (2472 days ago)
If you develop a great body, lead a healthy lifestyle,
learn to dance well, are kind and polite, have a good
sense of humor, know your way around the kithcen and
are able and willing to wash windows and scrub toilets,
you will have to beat the ladies off with a stick.
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Show Information
Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Sex and Fitness Part 1
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Added: February 16, 2011
Time to satisfy your curiosity about something going on between Ric and Noella, and it's not what you think. Ric begins by chronicling his romantic interludes starting with the attention attracted by his high school band, multiple experiences with jealous girlfriends, and segueing into Viagra, self confidence, and our sexually driven culture. Noella offers requisite female perspective and agrees that the better things work in the gym, the better they work in the bedroom.
Channels: Lifestyle 
Tags: Ric  Drasin  old-school  bodybuilding  Noella  Downs  sex  relationships  lifestyle 

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