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Posted by GoBoyGo (1734 days ago)
Man, I really needed this talk. I'm 46 and one of
those 6 days a week guys. The gym I go to has younger
or older folks and I wondered if anyone is going
through what I am. I have been very tired even 2 days
after a workout and my right shoulder started hurting
(never hurt before) plus my back, elbow, knee and feet
have been an issue since I started back up 2 months
ago. I was thinking about quitting and just giving it
up but after seeing this I am going to rearrange my
routine and cut it back and be patient (hard for me).
I can't thank you enough. Gary
Posted by Gravityzone (1780 days ago)
This is EXCELLENT advice Ric - your girlfriend was
absolutely right in encouraging you to share this
experience - hopefully at least a few of the younger
guys heed this warning and adjust their training
accordingly. They can still achieve the results they
are looking for, just do it smarter. I'm 50 and just
getting back into training - glad I saw your video
before I starting going heavy as if I was 24 again.
Posted by Alan4u2u (2094 days ago)
Thanks Ric, I'm the same age as you, I have been
training for 20 years, Like you my weights have been
going down since I was about 55,(squats are now an
embarrassment) I have been searching the internet for
advice (choosing only those promising progress) Yes I
am now getting sore shoulders and knees, Your video has
for the first time installed in me, That, To be a FIT &
HEALTHY 70-80 year old is better than, STILL trying and
failing to lift heavy and becoming crippled by my own
ego & stupidity, So once again, THANK YOU RIC, for
opening my eyes.
Posted by jesse10us (2142 days ago)
hi ric,

I'm 36 not pressing that hard on
workouts, bench press 220lbs, squat and dead lift
300lbs it's not much right I weigh 185lbs but what
would be the most common safe weight to

My own weight or a bit lower?
Posted by RickSuchy (2149 days ago)
Right on Ric. I'm 44 - been training since I was 14
and also got into judo in my late 20's. I don't do that
anymiore cause of the injuries. 8 knee surgeries on
the left knee and 3 rotator cuff surgeries on the left
shoulder. I'm still recovering fron the last shoulder
surgery that was done 7 months ago. What I do want to
comment on is the lifting style you were talking about
here. I used to compete in bodybuilding also in my
early 20's so I'm used to the dieting and training.
The lighter, higher rep, circuit type of training is
about all i do now. Just this morning I did a workout
that took me about 55 mins. I got 53 sets done using
this circuit style. 2 days a week I do basically full
body workout (I leave arms out and do those 2 x a week
on other days with abs/ low back / hips etc). I
basically set up series of circuits and just keep
hittin them. 3 different circuits made up of 3 to 5
exercises. For example I'll do a circuit of leg press/
calf raises / lat pulldowns. go thru it 4x with no
rest in between sets besides how long it takes to get
to the next machine or bench or whatever. Next circuit
will be leg curls / extensions / rear delts / fly
machine / cable rows/ machine bench press. I do that 3
- 4 circuits with no rest and then I'll piclkk out my
final circuit - stiff legged deads / d-bell shrugs and
anoither back movement like row or a pulldown with a
different handle. I do @ least 2 different exercises
per bodybart and @ least 8 sets and it works great. If
someone gets in my way I'll just skip that peiice of
equipment for that circuit and hit it with 2 sets

Thx for the great vids. It''s all
great stuff man! Keep up the great work . It is very
interesting tro go back to the days when people used to
really train! .

Posted by focusIAN (2291 days ago)
Good advise Mr. Ric, I'm 21 and i just had back surgery
5 months ago and even though im technically 100%
healed, i still wake up and go to sleep with back pain
every day. I still have a little bit of that
"invincible" mentality and this video was soboring in a
sense because it reminded me of the fact that im going
to be 66 one day
Posted by Flexapec (2324 days ago)
Ric this Video really hit home with me. Everything you
said I can totally relate to. I think the hardest thing
to do is to let go of the heavy weights mentally. Your
mind wants to do what you did 20 years ago and the body
is telling you differently. Like you, I use to train 6
days a week and not even blink an eye. Now I look back
at it and think how the hell did I do what I did. I
switched to 4 days a week as well and the rest is
really needed now that I'm older. You are so right, you
never think when you are that age that you will ever be
where you are now. Boy did it really fly by now that I
look at it. Thanks for the great advice and the reality
of it all that I needed to hear.
Posted by sprtsgirl65 (2381 days ago)
Great advise, but what about a natural bodybuilder
competitor? What would your recommendation for
training. I am 45 female I too use to train 6 days a
week but i did one body part or a large with a small,
calves with back or shoulders with legs. I range now
from 4-5 days a week still the same format for
training. Just curious on what your opinion is, thanks
Posted by deandavis85 (2406 days ago)
THANKS Ric -- Good advice I am 46 years old & still
training 6 days a week but need to cut back to 4 days.
It will be hard at first but I need to follow your
advice. THANKS AGAIN!!! for your wisdom. -- Dean
Posted by kybengal (2505 days ago)
I am a certified personal trainer who is 64+ years old.
I still train 4 or 5 days a week using the 4X training
style. For the uninitiated, 4X has you pick a weight
with which you can get 15 reps, but you only do 10;
rest 30 seconds, then do 10 more. Rest 30 seconds, and
hit another set of 10; rest 30 seconds and do one final
set to failure. If you get 10, add weight to the
exercise at your next workout...

Posted by Billbeast (2506 days ago)
Can you talk about how you should lift at
Posted by Samsdaddy0525 (2506 days ago)
Good advice as always. I am pushing 44 and I train
just three days a week, sometimes four and I am in
better shape now than I was in my 30's. Less is more
for me.

In fact, I am in better shape and more
muscular than my two training partners who are 10 years
younger than me.
Posted by mermaid lady (2506 days ago)
Good advice! Recovery time is very important. Eating or
supplementing with antioxidants has also proven to help
prevent muscle loss as we age. Overweight Americans
don't realize what carrying around that excess weight
is doing to their joints!
Posted by chiefgreybeard (2506 days ago)
At age 63 I need far more recovery time than when I was
in my prime. I found that slowing the movement (4
seconds up, 2 second hold, 4 seconds down) with lighter
weight is far easier on the joint surfaces, though you
can overwork your tendons. If you work 2 or 3 muscle
groups to complete temporary exhaustion per workout,
you don't need to work those muscles again for a week
or more. More time for the muscles to repair and even
grow a little. More time for the joints to repair
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Listen up baby boomers, this one's going to be important for you. On the other hand, if you're young, Ric's got some advice for you to. Pounding your joints into dust with super-heavy lifting will catch up with you some day. For the older crowd still in the gym, it's about training smarter, not necessarily heavier. Focus on diet, avoiding overtraining, and living a long and healthy life.
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