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Posted by djantz (2338 days ago)
This is excellent. Good points made about staying in
shape as lifestyle vs only being in shape for
competition, which is hard on one's body long term.
Posted by JPJohnny (2338 days ago)
Like the info, but there are better alternatives than
Posted by Sleev-les (2338 days ago)
Always love the info.. I def have to find some more
time in my day to make some of these recipe's you are
always talking about.. I have a sweet tooth too and I
do pretty well with my will power staying away from it,
but every so often I end up grabbing something small.
Posted by WardMDR (2338 days ago)
Jamie is grateful she is willing (and
seems to enjoy) doing this for everyone!!
Posted by kimguev (2378 days ago)
Loved listening to Jaime, she is amazing and
Posted by cinnamonTea (2409 days ago)
Amazing! Thanks for the inspiration Jamie!
Posted by Angel4bryan (2426 days ago)
Thanks for the information. I am wanting to build more
muscle and the information you gave me will help me do
just that.
Posted by MonoDiablo (2428 days ago)
Loved the inside scoop!
Posted by SMHoff (2428 days ago)
Excellent! So much information pulled together very
nicely. Thank you.
Posted by TexasFitBody (2428 days ago)
This was very informative and well done Jamie! :)
Posted by wcandido (2428 days ago)
You are just adorable, hot and so smart Mrs Eason!!!
Posted by ivanthegreat (2442 days ago)
Great vid Jaime
Posted by jessicaghi (2443 days ago)
Posted by Kamijaza (2448 days ago)
2 thumbs up.
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Team members provide an inside look at their elite fitness lifestyles, giving away the secrets of their programs down to the smallest detail. Get their full training, diet, supplement, and lifestyle tips, allowing you to incorporate these proven principles into your own routine.

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Jamie Eason Fitness 360

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