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Posted by stoneJR (1751 days ago)
I love it
Posted by SlikeNades (1756 days ago)
kai greene is huge.
Posted by deloachrd (1994 days ago)
kai is awesome teacher.
Posted by teenboy40 (2057 days ago)
good workout.
Posted by transformerchad (2107 days ago)
the next Mr.O ... love kai greene , has a physique like
no other . insane!
Posted by woestenenk (2200 days ago)
To Neutral2011 - Kai talks about why he wears so much
clothes in one of his videos, can't remember which one,
i think it's overkill. But anyways, he doesn't like to
be the show off kind of guy, he is very humble and
wants to stay focused throughout his workout, he
doesn't need to see his muscles contract, he always
later in his workouts takes his clothing off to do the
posing practice and what not.
Posted by Phili93 (2221 days ago)
It would be soooooo cool to have a trainer like him in
real life.
Posted by beekhoot (2262 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by Michael82178 (2271 days ago)
Great series
Posted by bimbogrosso (2288 days ago)
kai it's gooooooooood!!!
Posted by neutral2011 (2309 days ago)
To TheSissons: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. True,
bodybuilding does not require showing one's muscles.
But this is a bodybuilding "video;" people expect to
see your biceps and triceps (the real deal) when you
train arms, without having to rely heavily on their
imagination of what might hide within those heavy duty
jackets/clothes. You don't ask the Mr O judges to use
their imagination when they see you pose down on stage,

Yes, bodybuilding is about spirit,
training philosophy, diet, as well as many other
things, as one can find in Arnold's or Dorian's books.
But when you go on stage to compete or present a
commercial video, it's time to show off the real deal.
One doesn't have to be completely naked. A T-shirt will
Posted by bubbaGone_Krazy (2310 days ago)
1 day.
Posted by HaroutA (2312 days ago)
Posted by trinisweet (2315 days ago)
baddest viedo clip ever! I felt Kai's motivation as if
it was me he were talking to.
Posted by BlackC2500 (2315 days ago)
I love kai's way of thinking, the way he speaks. I
think he's a true champion and will be mr olympia in
the coming years. I think he will bring more as a
champion than cutler and coleman. Representing better
as his deep words carry further. His enorsed protein
powder,. carnivor is also a huge win with me. best
powder ive used in years.
Posted by TheSissons (2316 days ago)
Neutral2011- Body building doesnt require showing your
muscles, and bringing up other builders ar examples
doesnt help your case. If i had to guess id say he's
trapping his body heat to get more out of his time
there in the gym. water retention is a b##ch
Posted by TallDarknDaniel (2317 days ago)
hes self aware. BB'ings Bruce Lee yo.
Posted by gainmuscle23qt (2318 days ago)
kai is a machine wow great job kai
Posted by tubeman (2318 days ago)
to ctg23 that is called a jefferson lift, it's
basically a split deadlift. It really hits the hams and
Posted by ctg23 (2318 days ago)
what kinda of squats is he doing within the first 20
seconds, want to give it a go
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Show Information
Kai Greene fans have been clamoring for more from documentarian Mike Pulcinella after the breakthrough success of previous series Overkill and Redemption, and he delivers again but this time with a different spin. In lieu of competing at the 2011 Arnold, Kai instead chose to re-charge, while at the same time connecting with a select group of fans in a more direct, and eye-opening way. In a rare opportunity to mentor and train with a world-class bodybuilder, 4 willing participants eagerly become the iron orchestra, preparing to perform the magnum opus of Kai's symphony of shred.

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Video Information
Train With Kai: Part 1 "This Isn't A Warm-Up"
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Added: September 8, 2011
After an essay contest in collaboration with sponsor MuscleMeds at the 2011 Arnold Expo, burgeoning bodybuilder Brandon Graham's winning piece has just bought him a one-way ticket to a full-body freight train ride, with no refunds given. Starting off relatively light with the treadmill, some ab work, and yogic stretching, Kai reminds Brandon that these are opportunities to strengthen critical neuro-muscular connections, improving posing presence and endurance. Properly adjusted for the road ahead, the traveler knows not the beast that lies still in the dark.
Channels: IFBB Pros  Stretching/Warm Ups 
Tags: Kai  Greene  IFBB  Pros  MuscleMeds  Brandon  Graham  advanced  glutes  leg  training  posing  stretching 

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