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Posted by Celostar78 (643 days ago)
Started week 2, leg still sore but ready for Chest
Posted by nrsmelissa1 (729 days ago)
Week one in the books and started week 2 today. Lost 3
lbs! More stoked than ever!
Posted by beycank (738 days ago)
week 1 complete, ready for week 2, Lets rock
Posted by a43kris (891 days ago)
Completed week 1, down 5 lbs. Still soar in some
places. Loving the program so far. it helps that you
set up the program as a follow along, which is really
helpful for me.Started week 2 yesterday with chest and
triceps, had cardio today.
Posted by JohnWitcher (919 days ago)
Week 1 complete. I lost 3 lbs. I'm ready for Week 2
Posted by kolob1 (980 days ago)
Started at 224 now 214.5 only with 2 weeks
Posted by paulabanks (1052 days ago)
1st We Down 7lbs. StarTed at 246 and now at 239!!!
Posted by miramehdi (1060 days ago)
firs week done. lost 2.5 pounds. was aiming for more
but i really like it and will be continuing, expecting
great results!
Posted by Rayorosario (1128 days ago)
Started at 192, now down 188 for week 1. Off to a good
start, tomorrow is day 8!
Posted by marivi (1191 days ago)
Done with first week, lost 6lbs
Posted by jeb70112 (1199 days ago)
Week 1 done. Feeling great. The best workout program
I have been on in a while by far.
Posted by glap1950 (1257 days ago)
Just finished Week 1. Down 2 lbs. Notice it mostly in
the obliques. Very happy with that.
Posted by twikdonovan (1324 days ago)
Same for me. Lost 5 pounds and am pleased with my
effort so far.
Posted by AntMan52 (1342 days ago)
Just finished the first week. I lost 5lbs.
Posted by djelude (1457 days ago)
Preparation is the key to success !! Woot woot!
Posted by cashmoney1983 (1466 days ago)
On week 2 lost 6.5lbs
Posted by jekyll29 (1583 days ago)
Starting week 2 legs and delts still a little sore
ready for the gym
Posted by Jasroper (1686 days ago)
Is it just me or does this video stop after a few
seconds :( tomorrow is my rest day, week 2 day 9.
Posted by jcporp (1687 days ago)
Ive started day eight and I love it. I lost 11it ponds
in one week.
Posted by petes8210 (1688 days ago)
starting week 2 lost 6.5 pounds feel good really sore
but will suck it up and cant wait to see week 2 results
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Video Information
Hardcore 12 Week Daily Trainer Update - Week 2
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Added: October 5, 2011
Kris' updates for Week 2.

Week 2 Main Page

Channels: Fitness Goals 
Tags: kris  gethin  transformations  fitness  goals  diet  cardio 

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