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Posted by jaydk41 (1662 days ago)
he means business.
Posted by bluelens (1673 days ago)
I am going into the tatoo removal business. There will
be huge demand to get rid of those when these guys get
older. LMAO
Posted by artestaarh (1709 days ago)
Some disgusting tattoos lol
Posted by avaughn91 (1789 days ago)
Nice come back this dudes way too full of himself
Posted by CCW1 (1906 days ago)
I agree with "SOME" of your enthusiasum RobinoAfrica,
but just because you work 2 jobs and find time to work
out as best U can doesn't give you the authority to
PITY other people with much harsher and more severe
scenario's than you! You throw in a few word like
deturmination and discipline in the middle of your FEEL
SORRY 4 Me cause I work two job's.......& ya' come off
kinda' poo-ish if you get what I mean.

have family, you have a support system (of more than I
type I will assume), and you have the ability of not
just 1 but 2 job's......Some people have No Family, No
support system and cannot afford 2 eat proper THUS THEY
Try a little
less on the "your a looser" and "I'm a king of the
hill" I'm cool and your not NYC wanna-B D.elta-B.ravo,
and try a little more on the help your brother's
and sister's(regardless of blood or color) with some
"actual encouragement that will help" other's maybe,
unlike your PITY THE FOOL B.S..

P.S.- Such
progress, yet ZERO gallery pic's 2 show for
it..........what's the truth?
....Just Sayin' X2
Posted by RobinoAfrica (2003 days ago)
To pity those with demanding jobs would show someone
who is only in this for a look, so with that said I
pity no one.
I work two jobs: one as a technician
at a city hospital where I have to have nothing but
time management and lives on the line if I mess with
the time management. The other job is as a line cook
for one of the busiest restaurants in the city that is
right next to the biggest theater so customers and time
is almost impossible to avoid. I work 7 days a week. On
weekends I work doubles from 7am to 12 am.
This is
not impossible. It's a life choice. It's a priority.
It's sacrifice. It's life. I'm on my second round and I
am even stronger now not only physically but mentally.
I have fought with my girlfriend over endless late
nights where I had cardio and she wanted me to come to
bed instead knowing I'm dead tired. I've stayed up
preparing my next day meals. I've squeezed in my cardio
when I have 0 time. There is no excuse. The only excuse
is you. I used to be 340lbs and now I'm 208 and looking
to hit 180 in the next 10 weeks I have left.
is not in my vocab and neither is failure. It's taken
me over two years to get where I am now... So to hear
people say he's got it easy and to complain only shows
me that I am of the elite. I am one of the best. And I
am a winner.
Thank you Kris for your knowledge.
I've watched the series almost 3 times now and I learn
something new everytime and it makes me stronger.
live by a phrase: "determination without discipline is
just dreaming..."
People need to wake up.
Posted by BradPoole (2021 days ago)
I'm no hater but those tattoos are just God
awefull!!!!! I'm glad he is getting those on his back
because he would cry if he had to see them everyday!!!
Posted by emanuel83 (2023 days ago)
the best
Posted by OriginalPunk (2147 days ago)
It's nice to be Kris....
Posted by acalo (2163 days ago)
I would love to maintain this type of schedule but it
is unrealistic when with customers or onsite with
co-workers during long meetings. If all I did for a
living was work in an office environment everyday then
this wouldn't be an issue. Then throw kids and family
into the mix, oh boy!!!
Posted by StrongNerd89 (2163 days ago)
I reckon I'll get my first tattoo after my
transformation. A painful reward and memento for what
I'll have accomplished.
Posted by ninja38 (2177 days ago)
Posted by rendzis (2185 days ago)
Animal! :D
Posted by peapod (2185 days ago)
Posted by Cbeck1381 (2225 days ago)
Kris becomes even more of a badass every time I see him
Posted by masses (2239 days ago)
nice tato
Posted by mmkhan1979 (2239 days ago)
He is the man
Posted by 2Sam23 (2255 days ago)
Ha! Love it - always inspiring for discipline in my
day-to-day life which is nowhere near as extreme as
this!!! This 12 week transformation is the best thing
I have done in a long time. Big thanks to Kris for
sharing his discipline, determination, tips, training
and life.
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Hardcore 12 Week Daily Trainer Update - Week 3
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Added: October 6, 2011
Kris' updates for Week 3.

Week 3 Main Page

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