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Posted by alogan1012 (1455 days ago)
Not only is Kai smart but composed as well.
Posted by edde1029 (2257 days ago)
Very helpful videos. I learned quite a lot from this.
Posted by bIGHIN31 (2261 days ago)
Posted by agrier9 (2280 days ago)
I agree with Trunks4191 More Kai Greene and more of
Mike's Narratives!!!
I was mislead by the heavy
weight the pros were throwing around and assumed heavy
weight = bigger muscles. Kai's videos here taught me
otherwise, the heavy weight is for the videos and the
photo shoots.
Posted by trunks4191 (2280 days ago)
WE NEED MORE OF KAI's teaching and Mike's Narratives...

reat work Mike , Kai and!
Posted by Big Boy Brown (2281 days ago)
So I wasn't the only one....I think these guys should
think about making a regular show. I think you'll have
the fan base.
Posted by mike pulcinella (2281 days ago)
It's coming! Hang in there! LOL!

It's not's fault the videos are late, it's mine. I am
very thankful for the many projects I have gotten
recently. But I don't have a production crew. I'm only
one man and doing my best to keep up.

for your enthusiasm and support!
Posted by MatiasMB (2282 days ago)
Can't wait to see part 3!!
Posted by Sinum (2283 days ago)
It's Monday and we don't have new video. What's
happening? :(
Posted by Jeff_maggy (2283 days ago)
Wow. Thanks so much for allowing us to view these
movies. They are extremely well done. Kai is obviously
one of the greats in this sport, and it is nice to have
a professional that represents this sport in such a
positive manner.

The difference in mind set of
a seasoned elite professional and this amateur is
brutally obvious. I hope all the words of wisdom
weren't brushed aside.

Keep the vids coming!
They always get me motivated to lift!

Posted by deloachrd (2286 days ago)
Mike you have done some excellent work. I bought both
the Overkill and Redemption DVD's. This is awesome
stuff because it allows me to get behind the scenes and
get to see how they think, train and eat. I have
learned so many new routines and tips to my workouts. I
have so much respect for Kia after watching all these
videos. Also, love the Train with Kia series. Thanks
for good work Mike.
Posted by mike pulcinella (2286 days ago)
Tyler, you found my favorite clip in the whole video!!!
Kai humming while Nick is dying! LOL! I'm glad that my
intention of including it came through.
Posted by mike pulcinella (2286 days ago)
Thanks for the kind words BB Brown. I just wanted
everyone to know that it wasn't the fault of
They do an amazing job with this part of the site.
Posted by zackschulze (2287 days ago)
Kai is great. I find it hilarious he porked a
grapefruit, lost no respect here man, ****s funny.
Posted by Jeramey8 (2287 days ago)
There is nothing I love more than the Train with Kai
series. It's so great! Look forward to it always.
Great work on Mike's part.
Posted by TylerKalmakoff (2287 days ago)
Hilarious. Midway through Kai's changing weights and
humming a tune in the background, meanwhile Nick is
bent over a piece of equipment looking like death,
struggling to stay standing. My website,, along with its associated
Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages are all inspired by
and dedicated to Kai Greene. And don't forget to visit
Kai's new personal website,
Posted by Big Boy Brown (2287 days ago)
I'm honored to get a response from you Mike. It was no
biggie...i just continued to review the other videos
until u got it up. I was checking it through the day
though. I find it a good point when Kai stresses the
planning and preparation that it takes to transform
your body.....I think he really stresses complete
mental and physical energy to do this successfully. So
for all the people that thiink your muscle head if you
are that get to the elite level, i'm not so

id love to come help ya with film and
production...if I weren't in GA LOL completely
Posted by SpinnMaster (2287 days ago)
Kai has got to be the deepest bodybuilder out there.
Dude reminds me of Beast from X-Men.
Posted by Sphinxman90 (2288 days ago)
Great Job Mike, Thanks again!
Posted by Gasket (2288 days ago)
Awesome job Mike, I appreciate your work and look
forward to more videos from you in the future. Great
motivating tools.
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Show Information
Kai Greene fans have been clamoring for more from documentarian Mike Pulcinella after the breakthrough success of previous series Overkill and Redemption, and he delivers again but this time with a different spin. In lieu of competing at the 2011 Arnold, Kai instead chose to re-charge, while at the same time connecting with a select group of fans in a more direct, and eye-opening way. In a rare opportunity to mentor and train with a world-class bodybuilder, 4 willing participants eagerly become the iron orchestra, preparing to perform the magnum opus of Kai's symphony of shred.

 Viewing Episode #6
Video Information
Train With Kai: "This Is A Meditative Thing"
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Added: October 11, 2011
Kai pauses in the interim to illustrate an important metaphor and explain critical mechanics before moving on to perform their own dance at the deadlift platform. Gradually, plates add on, hams become fatigued, and resolutions are measured as additional punishment is introduced in the way of walking lunges and several sets of splitting seated and standing calf raises. This "young warrior" may not immediately click into the same level of Kai's thinking the way others have, but he's willing to listen, and has certainly progressed. However, having been so challenged by the precision detail in this training scheme, he does have questions about where the energy is being directed, which Kai promptly answers with aplomb, calcifying the unbreakable connection between gym floor and stage. Incredibly enough, the end has not yet arrived.
Channels: Leg Training  IFBB Pros 
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