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Posted by KreshaC (784 days ago)
Jamie thank you so much for all of this! You have
changed my life and I am so happy! My body has
transformed for the better and people notice! whoo hoo
I feel great!
Posted by amy.brown (1732 days ago)
Thank you Jamie- for really changing my life!! Amazed
at this program- even when I was 90lbs in highschool I
thought i was fat- but while I was 90lbs not sure body
fat % but I totally get it now...for the first time
ever I feel strong and skinny and I really like me!! I
will not go back and I can't wait to learn so much
more- week 10 & lost 10lbs so far!
Posted by fit2fightAF (1876 days ago)
I'm starting week 11 tomorrow. It's bittersweet for me
because I am excited, but then I don't want the tempo
to end. It's been an incredible journey for me.
During phase 1 and 2, I was uploading weekly progress
shots, same back/body poses to look for change, then
weeks 9/10, I was blowing up my gallery with creative
shots, lighting, and seeing the difference and actually
witnessing my transformation made my jaw drop. I am so
proud of myself and you never really know what hard
work is until you have done HARD WORK. I stopped
weighing myself and just stuck to the caloric counts,
weight increases, reps, etc. Wks 9/10 wore me out,
physically and mentally. I had to give myself a pep
talk prior to each work out...I am excited to tackle
these last two weeks with a fury...then when it's over,
I guess I will modify weeks 8-12 to maintain and stay
at this physique..if not better..and better is always
best. Good luck to all you ladies, and congratulations
on this unmatched feat.
Posted by stacymansur (2028 days ago)
Just finished Live Fit and am so excited with the
results! 16lbs gone and still some work to do so will
continue on. I love that this isn't just a quick
weight loss plan and then what, but it is a lifestyle
change and something you can continue to do forever!
Thank you so much Jamie for sharing this, it was
EXACTLY what I was looking for! It fits into my life
so well! Again.....THANK YOU!!
Posted by ItsLessOfMe (2109 days ago)
How do you know if you are losing muscle and need to go
back to phase I?
Posted by jesssanta (2113 days ago)
I am really happy that Jamie mentions that if your
weight hasnt dropped much in phases 1 and 2 because you
are replacing fat with muscle. My progress pictures are
proof of that. I have only lost about 7 pounds so far
but it looks like I lost about 15-20! Thanks Jaime! I
am on week 11 and I am so happy that I stuck it out! I
altered the nutrition plan for my own body type and
metabolism and altered the training to what I can do at
the gym. But mostly sticking to the whole plan. Peace!
Posted by GabbyBrown (2222 days ago)
Where do we see your before and after?
Posted by LOSINGITIN11 (2253 days ago)
Love that this is a learning process & after 3 months
we will be able to build our own workouts with our new
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Jamie Answers The Question "What Happens After 12 Weeks?"
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Jamie Answers The Question "What Happens After 12 Weeks?"

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