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Posted by Hamzaahmed (2060 days ago)
I started using this method with some slight
adjustments for my individual personal goals and I tell
you, doing the 8 reps with the 4 half resisted reps
make a huge difference, you can feel the pain! it hurts
so good.
Posted by DanielBMM (2081 days ago)
Posted by deloachrd (2264 days ago)
I did this routine today with a workout partner. It was
insane. I added seated preacher curls for my biceps. I
have been catching cramps in my biceps all day. I love
it! This program really exposes your weaknesses.
Posted by StrykeTeam (2268 days ago)
you should use an amateur bodybuilder for this. I
volunteer my services
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Show Information
The 12-week program you're about to undertake delivered lesser men to the undertaker. But it turned other men into living, breathing beasts, with more muscle and strength than they ever dreamed possible in a mortal body. Hell-Raiser Training, aka HRT, won't test your limits; it'll obliterate them.

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Animal Hellraiser Trainer: Hell Session 1 - Shoulders/Biceps/Forearms
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Added: October 18, 2011
First training session for shoulders, biceps, and forearms.
Channels: Arm Training  Shoulder Training  IFBB Pros 
Tags: Universal  Animal  Tom  Fuller  high  intensity  advanced  forced  reps  IFBB  Pros  Mike  Van  Wyck  shoulders  biceps  forearms  training 

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