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Posted by footqing (2222 days ago)
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Posted by beekhoot (2225 days ago)
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Posted by MatiasMB (2240 days ago)
We want to see the training part more detailed, and
less eating conversation.

Thanks for the vids
anyway, Dennis is one of my favs.

Posted by Michael82178 (2244 days ago)
Insane arms! Awesome.
Posted by Gasket (2244 days ago)
The Wolf is huge. Definitely one of my top 5 fav BBers
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There's always a few surprises at the largest bodybuilding show in the world, but at the 2010 Olympia, arguably none were more astonishing than the tremendous comeback mounted by the "German Giant" Dennis Wolf, quickly rising into a closely matched Top 5 position after a disappointing 16th finish in 2009 where industry pundits had relegated him into an early retirement from the pro scene. The true impact of the event is realized when considering that just the year prior, he had been back near the top of his game in 4th place, then considered a top challenger after a steady climb through the ranks. After this staggering effort, he then went on to finish an unbelievable 2nd place at the 2011 Arnold ahead of establishment names such as Victor Martinez, Dexter Jackson, and Toney Freeman, brandishing him a true dark horse for 2011 Olympia stage. BSN visits Dennis at his home in Las Vegas to discuss his strategies and mindset, and discovers he has every intention to win.

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Dennis Wolf - Return of the Wolf: Biceps Routine
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Added: October 20, 2011
It takes a gigantic intake of food to keep nearly 300lbs of mass going, and it's no surprise that each of his large meals is more than twice what the average person would need. His suggestion on cheat meals - have one once every week or two while dieting to keep your sanity. A discussion of Dennis bringing up his arms recently leads into a pumped-up, high rep biceps workout.
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