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Fulfilling a career-long goal, Brandon finally gets his shot at the Sandow in 2011. Using his signature avant-garde training style with everything from partials and rest-pauses to invented movements, follow along as he dials up the heat in preparation to stand amongst the greatest.

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Brandon Curry Unleashed, Season 3: All Time Greatest?
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Added: October 20, 2011
For everyone's favorite but least asked question in Pro interviews, Brandon cautiously endorses Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman, but is thankful that the world of bodybuilding still has room to progress after these spectacular eras. After the interview he proceeds to rumble through some heavy hammer strength shoulder presses and seated military presses.
Channels: Shoulder Training  Interviews  Contest Prep  IFBB Pros 
Tags: Brandon  Curry  BSN  IFBB  Pros  professional  bodybuilding  contest  preparation  shoulder  training  N.O.-Xplode  2.0  Roelly  Winkl 

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