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Posted by reftis (1325 days ago)
Kai is smarter than i thought he was, i just saw a
video where yates trains with Kai, and Kai barely says
a word
Posted by docmansound (2064 days ago)
Really inspiring. Thanks.
Posted by simak2 (2183 days ago)
I also was wondering if its possible to make gains with
a workout of that intensity while still natural. (I'm
not dissing people who use steroids, its just something
I am not willing to consider at this time)
Posted by nootmeak (2239 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by (2250 days ago)
I've been digging for motivation for weeks and this is
what I've needed.
Posted by footqing (2257 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by beekhoot (2260 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by MatiasMB (2265 days ago)
Wanna see 8th episode!
Posted by Everette Henderson (2265 days ago)
His explainations and approach works on all
levels.........ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!!!
Posted by mike pulcinella (2266 days ago)
I had INCREDIBLE setbacks these past few weeks! TWO
computer crashes and then a freak October snowstorm
that knocked out power to over a million people, myself

However, I did what I could to work
through the difficulties, sometimes taking my dying
laptop to local coffee shops overrun with "refugees"
all trying to do scrounge a little power.

good news is that the new video is with the crew
right now. They are preparing it for

Thanks for your understanding and
Posted by Dtrmd (2267 days ago)
its been almost 2 weeks since the last post?!
Posted by Sinum (2268 days ago)
I check for new video every hour and I'm often
dissapointed! :P
Posted by jack211 (2269 days ago)
when is the next video going up mike, i check this
everyday as soon as i wake up !
Posted by SymbianBlack (2269 days ago)
Do you know You just displayed $100 a DVD advice for
free? Kai is probably and I will say more than likely
the most Cerebral body builder on earth
Posted by FitNupe1911 (2271 days ago)
Kai is a beast and so is this leg workout. Jefferson
squats are now my favorite exercise to hate!
Posted by Chewyfied (2271 days ago)
Such a decent guy.
Posted by pjmillerjr357 (2271 days ago)
Kai you have completely changed my view and strategy
regarding my training....AWESOME!!!
Posted by Excelsi0r (2275 days ago)
Kai is my new favourite bodybuilder, genious!
Posted by slowmotion633 (2275 days ago)
Wow these are great!!!
Posted by deloachrd (2276 days ago)
Another great series with Kia! So grateful that we have
a chance to get inside his head. He is a awesome
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Show Information
Kai Greene fans have been clamoring for more from documentarian Mike Pulcinella after the breakthrough success of previous series Overkill and Redemption, and he delivers again but this time with a different spin. In lieu of competing at the 2011 Arnold, Kai instead chose to re-charge, while at the same time connecting with a select group of fans in a more direct, and eye-opening way. In a rare opportunity to mentor and train with a world-class bodybuilder, 4 willing participants eagerly become the iron orchestra, preparing to perform the magnum opus of Kai's symphony of shred.

 Viewing Episode #7
Video Information
Train With Kai: "A Certain Kind Of Desperation"
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Added: October 20, 2011
In a rare glimpse 3 hours in to this muscle razing hell-convention, we find Kai admitting that he's nearing his limit. Nick's close to collapsing, yet the song plays on. The pair machine gun out several additional sets of hamstring curls and leg extensions, their mind-muscle circuits savaged and surely teetering on a meltdown. Having visibly transitioned through several stages of emotion, Nick suddenly discovers the humorous angle of things realizing what he's just subjected himself to, a plausible reaction in retrospect. With his receptivity at a heightened state, he takes the opportunity to absorb more of Kai's final thoughts on what it will take for him to reach the next level as an athlete. With no gas left in the tank, it's hard to imagine finishing a leg workout with squats, and even harder to imagine the 2-3 additional exercises Kai had originally planned.
Channels: Leg Training  IFBB Pros 
Tags: Kai  Greene  IFBB  Pros  MuscleMeds  Nick  Trigili  NPC  advanced  leg  glutes  hamstring  quads  training 

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