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Posted by marceloarpas (65 days ago)
Great program, thank you. I learned a lot. Thanks
Posted by claudia1615 (473 days ago)
Jamie, I absolutely loved the program. Thank you so
much for all the advice and keeping me motivated.
Posted by Fayebulous (986 days ago)
Jamie, I loved your program. It challenged me beyond
what I thought I could do. There were some things I
could't quite do due to physical restrictions or time
constraints, but I adjusted to what I could do. Thank
you so much and I look forward to continuing with some
of your workouts into the next challenge!
Posted by Jeynez (989 days ago)
Thanks Jamie I love listening to your to your
motivational talks and tips. Your face lights up when
you speak and it makes me feel happy even though I know
your workouts going to hurt! Love for you check out my
before and after photos because you got my there thank
you thank you thank you
Posted by vonniefit4life (1001 days ago)
Thanks Jamie! I am in my final week and i must say i
have totally enjoyed this program! I questioned my
progress at times but i stuck with it and i am so happy
with my results! Bless ya girl!
Posted by klatonio (1097 days ago)
Thank you!! I'm so happy I followed this program! I
definitely saw changes and my eating habits have
changed so drastically! I actually crave veggies!!!
Thank you for helping make lifestyle changes!!
Posted by Nora72 (1306 days ago)
I loved the program and the exercises. For the first
time in my life i can see actually my body fit and even
some of my muscles I didn't know to exist. LOL
couldn't follow the meal plan, but i am intending to
repeat the program from phase 2 and do it even
Thank you Jamie, you are awesome! BIG
Posted by KANIGYTSUM2 (1355 days ago)
This was a challenge for me because I'm a Zumba/Turbo
Jam/ Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body chick!! Lol, but I
became addicted and had a blast. I completed my 12
weeks Saturday and started Labrada's Lean plan on
Monday. I'm probably going back to yours after I
complete his. I loved the transformation, the recipes
and the help. Thanks and God Bless...
Posted by Kanika1012 (1364 days ago)
Hi Jaime!!!! Thank you so much for developing this
program!!!! I can not believe that I had actually
finished the program already....... Ong!!! I was
looking to see what I need to train tomorrow and that
was when I discovered that I am done...... I have only
3lbs left to reach my 112 goal weight. I started out
at 126 and I am currently at 115........thank you very
much and I love the program!!!
Posted by Barb2962 (1365 days ago)
Great program. I made huge leaps and bounds and turkey
chilli is so good. Thank you Jamie !!! I m going
back to re do phase 3.
Posted by KoCoB (1370 days ago)
I am on week 12 of this program and I absolutely LOVE
IT. I have lost a total of 14lbs and have gone from a
size 12 to a size 6. WOW!! I love the way my body is
transforming. I want to lose another 15lbs at the most.
I will be returning to phase 2 and continuing to
follow the meal plan. Thanks Jamie and
Posted by alohaneen (1679 days ago)
This is a great program!! The only aspect I did not
follow fully was the diet! But my husband is joining
me to do it again! And I think when I have him on
board we will follow the diet much better!! But...this
is an AWESOME workout program! I had no complaints at
Posted by sharlamay (1698 days ago)
I enjoyed it! Great program!
Posted by amy.brown (1721 days ago)
Awesome program the only thing I would change is
lifting my calves and then doing running because it
caused me to get shin splints...other than that the
program was amazing and will forever change my life..I
am inspired to keep a healthy lifestyle thanks BB.COM!!
Posted by chickspadilla (1757 days ago)
Fantastic! I have so much more muscle!!! I would like
to see a home program and.... week 7 I saw a lot of
people were super tired. Including me. I remedied that
by taking more time off and I hope those others did
that. Also a shorter workout time would be good for
those that have little ones.

I do thank you
sooooooooooo much for this. I added it back to my
calendar to do it all over again!
Posted by 2cars2kids (1866 days ago)
Great work out!!!! I am officially addicted. I am
actually a fiteness instructor myself and I happen to
do alot of cardio so that is the only thing I switched
around, other then that, I do the work outs three times
a week and I am a haapy fit person. Love it!!!! Thank
you Jamie for all your awesome advise!!!!
Posted by bstaylor32 (2064 days ago)
Great workout! looked forward to getting into the gym
every day and pushing myself harder than the day
before. As I progressed through the stages, I could
definitely feel how much stronger I had become. I plan
to continue to use the phases as a framework for my own
workouts. Thank you for the tips and motivation! :D
Posted by pcr101158 (2065 days ago)
I thought this workout was one of the best workout
programs I have done. I lost a lot of body fat. I still
have a littyle mor to good so I will go back probably
to phase two and just keep working hard. Great problem
Posted by beekhoot (2230 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
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Jamie's End Of Program Update
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Jamie's End Of Program Update

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