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Posted by ChefBoyOurG (1542 days ago)
great vid
Posted by casey975 (1743 days ago)
great work out ..
Posted by gxg2 (1869 days ago)
wow, wow ill try out today, something new, yep ill
never be a weightlifter philosophy almost forget thaks.
Posted by ErnieCR (1968 days ago)
what happened to the updates ??
Posted by 44stegall (2126 days ago)
Another good book that is whole story on how to become
a Master Mind is "Laws of Success". This is the Bible
to building a great mind. The information is collected
by a man name Napoleon Hill. This is the whole package.
It also correlates with "As a Man Thinketh" & "The
Science of Getting Rich". Laws of Success starts out
slow. But be patient because it is a life changer. It
is a long book so get ready to anchor yourself down for
a good read.
Posted by BIGMIKEJ (2141 days ago)
This was a great series. Very motivating, it show that
it's not about how much weight you can use but what can
you do with that weight.
Posted by phricci (2141 days ago)
Hey Mike will there be a next video? This series is
impressive to say the least.
Posted by Donald1177 (2148 days ago)
you can also find The Secret at like wallmart and
Posted by mike pulcinella (2154 days ago)
Start with "As a Man Thinketh" and "The Science of
Getting Rich". You won't be disappointed.
Posted by jtreece (2156 days ago)
When's the next video coming? I'm anxious! Kai's
thoughts on the mind/muscle connection and positive
thinking has helped changed my entire training
philosophy and my life! In every 'motivational' video,
all you ever see is mass monsters throwing around
hundreds of pounds of iron (which is great, don't get
me wrong), but to see one of the pinnacles of
bodybuilding being humbled by deliberate, extensive,
and exhaustive work with light weight is truly
inspirational. They always say, "don't fear heavy
weight", but it seems like too many of us fear light
weight. (baby)

Side note: In one of the
earlier videos, Kai is listening to a motivational CD
in the car. I have been trying to find out what he is
listening to, but can't find anything... Any help?
Posted by pardiszadeh (2166 days ago)
really inspirational
Posted by FlexFreakGs (2167 days ago)
Would be a dream come true if i got to train with Kai,
a man can dream :)
Posted by Jaakee (2173 days ago)
this is my next routine of arms, for sure :)
Posted by waldyeighteens (2174 days ago)
Awsome and inspirasional!!!
Kai is the truth, and
the truth is Kai.
Posted by hitman21988 (2176 days ago)
to the guy below me. Do some research and you will see
why he does what he does. Plain and simple there can be
such a slight amount of cheating. This is what i have
Posted by Muuuse (2177 days ago)
Is it not slightly contradicted that he bangs on about
correct form on the barbell curls, yet is then seen
using all sorts of momentum with his? He's swinging his
back all over the place. Still, great video and series.
Posted by chrisjw79 (2179 days ago)
WOW what a GREAT video, one of the best ive seen love
how he breaks it down, and he's right on point some
many people use bad form to lift heavier weights BIG
Posted by swygart2 (2182 days ago)
Actually did this workout this morning and highly
recommend it if your looking to switch things up in
your routine. Kicked my own ass, by the end I was
curling 15's on the seated incline for a strong burn.
Posted by swygart2 (2183 days ago)
Posted by swygart2 (2183 days ago)
I like it very well said starting @18:00min
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Show Information
Kai Greene fans have been clamoring for more from documentarian Mike Pulcinella after the breakthrough success of previous series Overkill and Redemption, and he delivers again but this time with a different spin. In lieu of competing at the 2011 Arnold, Kai instead chose to re-charge, while at the same time connecting with a select group of fans in a more direct, and eye-opening way. In a rare opportunity to mentor and train with a world-class bodybuilder, 4 willing participants eagerly become the iron orchestra, preparing to perform the magnum opus of Kai's symphony of shred.

 Viewing Episode #8
Video Information
Train With Kai: "I'll Never Be A Weightlifter"
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Added: November 3, 2011
MuscleMeds' own Adam Paz has worked steadily behind the scences with Kai since bringing him on as their flagship athlete. With a key role to play throughout the filming of the Train With Kai series, he eventually caught the fever himself and requested to be penciled in as the final athlete to be featured in the series for the arms segment. Starting with a unique principle of training the smallest muscle group first, the day starts with supersets of wrist curls and reverse wrist curls, then into reverse curls with alternating wrist positions. Kai explains the reasoning - forearms are generally a distant afterthought following a searing arm stint, but really are the "calves of the upper body", summing it up. As the pre-exhaustion warm up unfolds, it's evident that the environment has taken on a kind of quiet reverence, a stark contrast to previous episodes, facilitated undoubtedly by the familiar accord already established. Adam seems to get where Kai is taking him and anticipates his expectations with aplomb. Huge hammer curl add sets, alternating grip triceps pushdowns, overhead extensions, and close grip bench press are all part of the game; Kai's depository of damage strikingly limitless, torpedoing Adam's arms with a high volume, high intensity salvo. After grinding through the middle portion of the workout, Kai intervenes with some advice on form and weight selection, and later an important clarification about intent in the gym. This becomes an easy lesson for Adam, and for anyone else interested in successful bodybuilding.
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