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Posted by chiefgreybeard (2188 days ago)
I think every true bodybuilder must eat about the same
diet, high protein, moderate fat and low carbs, five or
six meals per day.

The only change that I have
made over the last 40 years is to reduce the animal fat
and replace about 1/2 of the animal fats with fats that
are better for my long term health .
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Tony Catanzaro
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Added: November 23, 2011
Ric hits the streets down at Venice and locates East Coast trainer, model, and gym owner Tony Catanzaro. Tony runs down his training split, discusses going heavy and slow vs. light and fast, and is ready to make the move to the Mecca for the fun, sun and serious workouts.

Tony's Website

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