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Posted by SarahRishelle (1231 days ago)
This recipe looks good.... been looking for a less
boring way to get in 5 eggwhites and my oats
everymorning for the LiveFit trainer
Posted by tsyklon (1521 days ago)
One trick I do is I whip up the egg whites a bit before
adding in the ground up oatmeal. This makes it less of
a solid mass and adding in Cinnamon is a big plus.
Posted by almightytez (1954 days ago)
That looks better then the one I had this morning kris
lol :-) Tez
Posted by kevin1313 (1973 days ago)
protein pancake are one of my main meal staple i
normaly eat the twice a day there great and very
Posted by FX77 (2047 days ago)
get a coffee bean grinder and put your oats in it to
make it a powder, its quick and fast. The grinder is
cheap, can get it at walmart
Posted by Hammer31190 (2051 days ago)
wow i just watched this video at 11:30 at night and i
had to make one. These things are awsome i plan on
eating one every mourning!!
Posted by manhal (2064 days ago)
i couldnt get oat flour is it okay if i replace that
with aunt jemima's whole wheat blend ? here are the
nutrition facts.
Posted by justinkaz (2157 days ago)
Oh Lord! That thing looks growtesk, how does it taste?
Posted by Sir_giarc (2157 days ago)
I was just craving pancakes last night, but didn't want
all the calories. Thanks for this simple recipe!
Posted by Sasha75 (2158 days ago)
Good to know that I have been doing this right! Got the
recipe from your book and make them every weekend! The
one thing I can't get right is cracking the eggs and
separating the egg whites! :)
Posted by risaun (2160 days ago)
These look very tasty! Thanks for sharing. I'll
definitely try em'! I'd add a few almond slices & a tsp
of vanilla extract just to add my own special touch.
Protein pancakes rock!!! :)
Posted by MMuhlbradt (2162 days ago)
You can take oatmeal and put it in your blender to make
oat flour!!
Posted by IsabellaBobby (2166 days ago)
I'm not even sure where to find oat flour? Does anyone
know? Is there a brand I should be looking for?
Posted by startrek79 (2168 days ago)
what else can you use if you dont have oat flour is
there any other flour that can be used in this recipe
and any other way if you dont have any protien powders?
Posted by E90335i (2171 days ago)
I prefer to add some whole eggs, no oat flour and then
add peanut butter instead of syrup. It's good that way
if you are going keto. Do NOT use vanilla protein
powder. It will not cook well. Only use a chocolate
flavor. I don't like chocolate protein powder, but it's
best fr cooking and baking.
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Hardcore 12 Week Daily Trainer Update: Protein Pancakes
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Added: December 5, 2011
Kris whips up some delicious diet-friendly chocolate protein pancakes.
Channels: Nutrition  Fitness Goals  Recipes 
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