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Posted by 2BFit247 (1983 days ago)
Thanks for the tips !
Posted by SHAUN2012 (1987 days ago)
These tips work! Thanks for the advise. I'm on it!
Posted by bodybuildn123 (1989 days ago)
thanks for the tips man.
Posted by ttfit2 (1989 days ago)
Thanks Tobias. I am incorporating a lot of your tips
already. Accountability and support are huge for me.
My trainer checks my food log every week. I am def
tracking my body fat loss.I have more energy already
just by eating clean. I am going to take pics every 4
Posted by jackieb0808 (1990 days ago)
Thank you Tobias, great advise!! My biggest downfall is
looking at the scale everyday and getting discouraged
when I don't shed the pounds. I now realize its not all
about the weight but also need to start measuring my
body fat. Thanks.
Posted by sbrawley (1990 days ago)
Thanks for your help on my journey! I plan on doing
everything you said.
Posted by EllaMichel (1990 days ago)
Thank you for tips
Posted by RachaelIS300 (1990 days ago)
Pictures are my biggest motivator!
Posted by Hales1 (1990 days ago)
Excellent tips....I can't really narrow it down to one
thing I like the most they are all so true. Thanks for
the extra motivation and reminders of ways to stay on
track! :-)
Posted by MC_Hammer (1991 days ago)
Accountability will be a big factor in my progress.
Awesome tips! Thank youUUU
Posted by ctinson (1991 days ago)
This is exactly what Im going to do
since im already vain about my looks pictures will be a
real insight...thanks tobias!
Posted by primalbrent (1991 days ago)
Thanks Tobias!! I'm doing all those things and its
going great!!
Posted by lightingbird (1992 days ago)
Thanks I think the the biggest tip I took from this is
measuring my body fat compared to weight. I think this
alone will help my confidence.
Posted by MYBOWTIE (1993 days ago)
Excellent video with great tips! Week 2 starts today!
Posted by lachina419 (1994 days ago)
..I don't have that person to hold me accountable :(
Posted by MorganH7 (1995 days ago)
Pumped! Great tips to get me even more motivated:)
Posted by jseverson (1995 days ago)
This next 12 weeks is going to be awesome!!!
Posted by del11419 (1995 days ago)
Thank you for the great tips!! I'm pumped and ready to
change my body :)
Posted by lilyopad (1995 days ago)
Awesome video with great info to stay focused! The
transformation is definately not easy, so seeing videos
like this one helps a ton. Thanks! :)
Posted by charlotteness (1996 days ago)
Great tips! I personally like the idea of having one
special person that you trust to keep you focused and
motivated. My fiance is definitely "It"! I just started
back working out this week and while he is in
Afghanistan, he calls daily and our conversation always
includes the question "Have you been to the gym?" lol.
I trust and know that he is going to help me reach my
goals mentally!
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Team Optimum For The 100K Challenge: Tobias Young - Goal Setting
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Team Optimum For The 100K Challenge: Tobias Young - Goal Setting
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