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Posted by da198 (1874 days ago)
I also am waiting on supplement package and going to
start Kris's program on monday. I went to grocery store
today,very excited and cant wait to start.
Posted by KrisBadura (1886 days ago)
Now I'm waiting for big supplements package! I planned
to start 12 week Kris Gethin Hardcore program from next
week. I can't wait!
Posted by charlie_g68 (2017 days ago)
hey can this be done by a 44 yr old beginner? im
getting down to 200 lbs in decent shape but i do mostly
cardo to lose weight. im doing 4 sets of dips (both
tri/chest) but havent thrown up the plates in a very
long time. this ok for a beginner?
Posted by davidfleming (2075 days ago)
Starting tomorrow. I'm ready
Posted by Shamoo5106 (2125 days ago)
Kris - this is awesome stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH for
this program. - you put this out there for guys
like me. I have paid thousands to personal trainers,
diff''t programs, and all have failed. This is helping
me step by step and best part is that it is FREE. I
have been waiting for this for years! THANK YOU!
Posted by McBroda (2168 days ago)
Started 3 days ago! And this will be hard core. :)
Posted by eaglekeeper (2179 days ago)
Awesome video.... It was fun being apart of this video
promo, exciting to be asked about being in a promo for
it. How can you say no to an opprotunity like that,
especially promoting something that works as well as
this program...
Posted by Loseitripit (2180 days ago)
starting on monday. wish me luck.
Posted by masses (2180 days ago)
good work guys I wish my circumstances a good to sent
my video like you but your video like my video The same
success with the hero kris gethin
Posted by mr305 (2180 days ago)
KG knows his stuff!
Posted by waqas_wanted (2181 days ago)
Its an honor to be featured :D
Posted by pepsiracer24 (2182 days ago)
Pretty sweet! Loved being a part of this.
Posted by ddeluty (2182 days ago)
great job kris!
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Kris Gethin trains you and trains with you during his 12-week transformation program. Burn fat and build muscle to sculpt your ideal physique!

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