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Power bodybuilding originator and all around super guy Mike O'Hearn follows up his latest joint venture with with a new interview series, focusing on conversations with others about this style of training in a weekly format.

Don't forget to check the original series: Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding

 Viewing Episode #4
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Mike O Hearn's Power Bodybuilding Weekly: Week 4 - Sherlyn Roy
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Added: January 19, 2012
Mike responds to a few common misconceptions about rep ranges and additional exercises, then brings out IFBB Figure Pro Sherlyn Roy, and she's ready to talk about rest and recovery intervals, supplements, and how to fuel up with carbs the right way. They agree on oatmeal and yams, with Sherlyn indifferent towards brown or white rice. Another myth dispelled, the program is just as useful for women as it is for men, and can even work for "skinny" guys if they can defeat their own mental ball and chains.
Channels: Interviews  Women  IFBB Pros 
Tags: Mike  O'Hearn  power  bodybuilding  powerlifting  fitness  goals  interviews  Sherlyn  Roy  IFBB  Pros  figure  recovery  rest  suppl 

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