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Posted by ThePackage4Life (2079 days ago)
the people below talking about him dropping weights and
being loud, you are all complete tools. your life is as
meaningless as your workouts! why the **** would he
gently put down 100lb dumbells after going to failure
on raises in a gym that is practically his second home.
the owner of the gym is his best friend and obviously
doens't care that branch is loud. your people are
hilarious, stop watching videos of real athletes and go
back to planet fitness pansies!
Posted by zizibol (2086 days ago)
when somebody throw weights around the gym, my only
opinion about that person is " complete idiot", and
such idiot do not scare me-further more I would like to
kick his ass.
Posted by mbodyb11 (2087 days ago)
thats a badass's gym
Posted by redyset (2115 days ago)
strength and honor
Posted by Hawkk703 (2117 days ago)
dropping weights takes off the stress on your back..
and secondly break weights? they're steel
Posted by Chesuenyos (2120 days ago)
This is how Branch Warren is. At his gym throwing down
weights is fine, I would assume it is gym etiquette.
Notice that they are pure steel weights. I would
understand how it is not at mainstream gyms and can be
rude to others around you. It can reduce the chances of
injury and that is why some people do it when others
are out of harms way. I admire Branch Warren, always
have, and I don't like seeing him be called a tool. He
is as real as one person can be, no BS, no fake
identity. He is a BEAST!
Posted by DSchrey (2121 days ago)
phil heath seems to be a nice guy, this guy just seems
scarry but unreal workout
Posted by MHANSARD (2121 days ago)
Looks like the tool in the weight room that ruins
everybody's workout by being too loud and throwing
weights. Can't stand it when guys like this break good
Posted by gethitfitness (2123 days ago)
Always have liked this guy! Good shoulder workout!
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In tradition, we get face to face with elite Pros as they prepare to compete at the largest sports festival in the world.

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2012 Road To The Arnold: Branch Warren Shoulder Workout
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Added: February 23, 2012
Branch Warren shares his shoulder workout as he prepares to defend his title at the 2012 Arnold Classic.

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