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Posted by DERRICK111 (2053 days ago)
this is no joke...just finishe three books by both
tudor bompa and mauro dipasquale on periodization
and the anabolic diet. jim dials in both in a
simplistic delivery both with the micro and macro
cycles and dipasquales increased caloric intake..these
two authors are ussually running on evidenced based
results.bompas book serios strenght trainig has a
chart to calculate one rep max ,however i reccomend
what Dr s. suggests just find your range its easier and
not as risky. i was lifting again after a long lay off
and after 5 mos read the authors mentioned and employed
the periodization macros and was amazed at the
results..jim is givin away the shop in my opinion..I
saw his name and knew his writing and jumped on the
videos with out knowing that it was it
you will get results im 46 and saw better results than
i did in the 5 mos prior and ive been in the game some
time long winded post is a hearty thank you also
to Jim Stoppanis devotion to the industry and the
lifestyle thanks for giving your best i appreciate
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Real Science combined with Real Training produces Unreal Results. Shortcut To Size contains complete workouts, detailed meal plans, a daily supplement guide, and everything you need to get bigger and better, guaranteed.

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Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size: Microcycles Overview
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Added: April 2, 2012
Microcycles are the backbone of the 12-Week Shortcut to Size Program. It may sound like something a kid rides in the driveway, but it’s actually the science behind the shortcut.

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