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Posted by BossOfTheElite (2052 days ago)
@mexpr4life for these workouts he says do only 1-2
warm up sets prior to the working sets so in those warm
up sets you go light heavier and then use your working
weight for each working set without going up or down.
he also says only warm up on the 1st workout for each
new body part so chest 1-2 warm ups then back 1-2 warm
up 1st set only.. do more warm ups sets as you go
heavier in this program [week 4] on your last set of
each exercise do rest pause so ex: 12 reps pause only
15-30 seconds then push out till failure.
Posted by piyush420 (2057 days ago)
hi......i m kapilesh & this vds is so much helpful 4
improoving ur body urselvs
Posted by mexpr4life (2063 days ago)
I'm trying to put on some serious mass, so as I do this
workout I would like to know what the hell I'm
Posted by mexpr4life (2063 days ago)
Man that looks pretty intense!!!! Once question I do
have is that with all the workouts, do you increase the
weights as you move on to each set, or do you go heavy?
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Real Science combined with Real Training produces Unreal Results. Shortcut To Size contains complete workouts, detailed meal plans, a daily supplement guide, and everything you need to get bigger and better, guaranteed.

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Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size: Ph 1, Wk 1, Day 1 - Chest/Triceps/Calves
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Added: April 2, 2012
Day one of Shortcut to Size is all about the chest and tri's. Put some size on your mirror muscles, and carve a pair of sick calves. Get growing!

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