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Posted by likemetodo (2055 days ago)
This comment has been deleted.
Posted by punchyguy (2056 days ago)
Hey Ric ,

I agree as a man entering his first
bodybuilding competition I look to the older
charismatic bodybuilders for motivation IE this show !
I think part of the problem is the fakeness behind the
bodybuilders of today -- you want a pic with me sure 15
dollars--- its not sincere and comes accross as too
business like- I attended a FIBO in Germany on 1990
while stationed overseas in the Army and met Gary
Strydom , Shawn Ray , Berry De mey who were personable
- approacahble and sincerly likeable
Posted by rsvp (2060 days ago)
Ric you are absolutly right,I`m 46 years old
Paris,Lee Haney,Lee Labrada and the list goes on, these
guys had charisma,they gave back to the sport of
bodybuilding and fitness, that`s what has kept move
motivated for 30 years where those guys ,I look at old
videos of the greats all the time it gets me pumped for
my workouts . Your right there is something missing in
the sport ,and that is reallity of what it is for the
average person, todays bodybuilders are unhealthly huge
, they are using huge amounts of drugs that I think it
effects there personnality , granit Arnold and others
of the day were using steriods also but the amounts
were way way lower than today , I think it`s time for
retro building and Ric you are on the right pass ,
please help the sport I love so much may your voice be
heard to the massives. GO HEAVY OR GO HOME !!!
Posted by MountainMatt64 (2061 days ago)
I feel what you said is true about them not
having the charisma and personality that guys in the
old day did, and never smiling while they're posing.
But I would like to say that I feel bodybuilding won't
die out and it might turn around from the ways of this
last century. I'm only 17 but I'm serious about
bodybuilding and creating my own individual physique
like in the old days, so who knows, the face of
bodybuilding may well change in the future, I feel its
up to my generation of young people to change it
Posted by genewilliams (2062 days ago)
Good video
Posted by MicahIronman (2067 days ago)
What you've said is true. It also has been
talked about for years with no change. However, one
thing we notice now is that all the primary suppplement
product companies are taking their advertisement in a
new direction. And that is away from using the pro's to
promote their products! They are a testimony to how the
masses feel about the freak show, e.g., pro
bodybuilders. Most if not all of their adv. efforts are
directed to the average "joe" with fitness models that
are realistic. As an avid bodybuilder who lives the
lifestyle with respect to hardcore training and a super
clean eating regiment, I appreciate this and relate to
it. The pro monsters that try to push supplements are
ridiculous and the typical bodybuilder recognizes this.
I am confident that the sport is evolving to a mens
physique sport versus what what we see today. And this
will happne in the shor term. With this we'll see the
crowds return and maybe even some TV coverage. LOl
Posted by whizkidd (2071 days ago)
I totally agree with you Rick. However, this question
is two sided. On one side you can say yes the evolution
of the sport has not died out instead it is over
saturated with social marketing, large fiscal gains for
corporations. These factors trickle down to the actual
bodybuilder themselves, gyms, and crowd. This is a
example/reason of the excessive largeness in current
bodybuilders vs. post current era, supplement
corporations and the people in the crowds at these
competitions. We can't really condemn the ideology
that bodybuilding 'is dead' because it in fact has
turned into what was a hobby for Arnold, Franco, Katz
into a full blown sport with sponsorship's, monetary
gains, marketing,etc. So it is going into the direction
we would all like to see it going, however with that
comes Huge Bodybuilders sponsored by huge companies,
not talking to anyone in the gym, these guys half of
them don't do it for fun they do it for a living.
Posted by gmughadam (2073 days ago)
Hey Ric,

I agree with your commentary.
Bodybuilding is not as popular as it once was. I'm a
firm believer that these larger cash prizes have hurt
the sport considerably. I also dont see the
camaraderie there once was. When the money wasn't as
prominent as it is now, they did it because they loved
the sport and the competition....
Posted by bazd (2076 days ago)
i agree 100% with what youre saying Ric i am an ex
competitive bodybuilder from the 70s/80s and
bodybuilding isnt nearly as exciting as it was back
then,the sport lacks
the colourful chacters it had
then Arnold,Franco,platz,bannout,beckles,etc these
men of charisma,i am from the uk and the shows
here nowhere near as packed as back then,the physiques
were more attainable,and admirable,who the hell wants
to look like
these guys of today,not me! for sure,i
am glad i was part of the golden era when bodybuilding
was exciting and fun,thanks Ric for keeping the
nostalgia going.
it brings back memories of the
best days of my life.
Posted by chiefgreybeard (2077 days ago)
I agree with Bigagain. If you go back even farther than
the 80's, guys like Steve Reeves, Alan Stephan, Clancy
Ross and George Efferman looked great and had
attainable bodies. In the 70's I was able to get the
measurements of a Steve Reeves (except for that tiny 29
inch waist) while remaining all natural. Also back then
most of us thought of ourselves as "lifters", we used
bodybuilding to improve our sports, we'd cycle into
some power lifting and include cardio and flexability
much like they do in a gym today.
Posted by bigagain (2077 days ago)
I don't think it's nostalgia. In the eighties the gyms
were full and they were nearly all bodybuilder. Now the
gyms are full and almost no one is a bodybuilder. If
you go to the smaller shows today 90% of the audience
are the family and friends of competetors, and there
are a lot of empty seats. If we can't attract people in
to the sport, we want attract money into the sport. No
money no sport.
Posted by Bloodie (2077 days ago)
I always get the impression when watching Ricks Corner
that clearly Rick is very nostalgic about bodybuilding
in the 70s, quite rightfully, however for you it may
have been the greatest time ever but for someone else
this could be the best that bodybuilding has ever been,
personally I think the size of the guys today is an
example of a totally normal sport evolution, if you put
Arnold and the rest in todays enviornment I bet they
would also get that big.
Posted by bigagain (2077 days ago)
The biggest difference I see between now and when I
started training in the 80's is that the pro
bodybuilders are too big. When I started the pros were
big but the size they had seemed attainable. Now young
guys see the pros and feel they can never be that big
and so they don't try.
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Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!

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Ric's Corner: Is Bodybuilding Still Alive?
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Following up one of the questions raised during his recent interview with Jerry Brainum, Ric analyzes the current state of scene to determine an answer to this important question. It becomes clear that this task raises even more questions than it answers - do bodybuilders today have the charisma to be real champions in a world outside the stage? Is the fan base strong enough for just the big guys?

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