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Posted by starfish22 (1905 days ago)
This works! My friend and I adapted this for our needs.
We didn't get the supps so no comment there. We used
nitrofusion protein powder for shakes and just took a
multi. Macros I aimed for were at least 200g protein,
less than 100g carbs like 50g, and 30-50g good fat as
guidlines. I lost 10 lbs and he lost 5. And our
strength only increased. Thanks alot! this was
awesome. My only regrets are I should have done it
longer. and maybe try the supplements?
Posted by alojairi (2027 days ago)
I had 4 of my clients doing this exercise plan to jump
start their metabolism before giving them a workout
designed for each of their purpose. All I can say is
WOW!!! Great way to lose fat safely and fast. An
average of 7lbs was lost during their first week and
they are already started to see their abs. This is my
favorite workout routine to jump start metabolism and
to burn fat.
Posted by bennyhanna (2057 days ago)
I just finished my 21 plan... holy cow~!... i went from
166lbs to 154lbs!!! 7.4% BF!!!.. this was insane!!!..
im doing another round of 21 days, gonna up the
weights, add a few more in and slowly increase my
calorie/protein intake with an extra shake!!! ... .its
a great starting plan for nayone who wants to get
Posted by shiqui23 (2067 days ago)
I'm gonna start it this week :D !!
Posted by Christabean (2067 days ago)
Sounds intense and just what I need!
Posted by RobTheReaper87 (2073 days ago)
awesome video
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Think it's impossible to change your life in 21 days? Think again. Give Cory Gregory three weeks, and he'll give you a complete transformation: new habits, new body, new life.

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The Bizzy Diet: Overview
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The Bizzy Diet: Overview

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