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Posted by nwhiter (1987 days ago)
Brutal is right. I would have been crying if this had
been me. Is a good system tho - I've done it just for
chest once and it was gooooood.
Posted by swebs85 (1989 days ago)
similar to death?
Posted by fittitan36 (1998 days ago)
Big pyramid or not, this workout kicked my ass. It is
definitely something I will incorporate into my
training routine.
Posted by CherryDeadly (2003 days ago)
I'm not impressed. Its just a big pyramid...
Posted by AzraelPC (2004 days ago)
Just. Wow. Well done, Shane!
Posted by richie.d.c (2004 days ago)
nice to see higher reps in a routine, its a forgotten
secret in my opinion. But KG, please stop the boots n
shorts combo. really like the intensity of fast and
slow twitch in the same workout, tried it today, IT
HURTS!!!! grenade's are brutal!!
Posted by acfwarrior (2007 days ago)
i tried this the other day and its a absolute killer,
however i did struggle trying to get my form right on
the dumbell rows :P but decent workout, especially if
you want to mix things up.
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Video Information
Team Grenade: Shane's Brutal DTP Chest & Back Workout With Kris Gethin
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Added: June 12, 2012
Team Grenade's Shane Raymond is put through a DTP workout, Dramatic Transformation Principle, by Kris Gethin. The workout starts with 50 reps at low weight. Add weight for 40 reps, more weight again for 30, continue adding weight for 20 then ten reps. Then step up again, going to 20, then 30, 40 and 50, taking weight off after each set. 600 reps total with hardly any rest!

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